Wednesday,  3. March 2021  -  07:54:51
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Private Poker Tournaments with BonusBonusBonus

 Have you ever wanted to invite some of your friends, colleagues or family members over to your house to play your own private poker games or tournaments but didn’t want to deal with the hassles of organizing all the details of the event? Well BonusBonusBonus has the solution – just contact us and we can set up your very own private poker tournament online at one of the very best online poker rooms around. Our private tournaments are a great way for…

  • Companies to reward their employees
  • Families to stay in touch
  • Friends to have a good time

An advantage of our private tournaments is that participants can be located anywhere around the globe and still take part, so if you happen to be away on business or vacation, you can still play a round of poker with your friends or coworkers thanks to our gaming portal. We currently offer this service for players at PokerStars. For those who do not yet have accounts at this poker room, all you have to do is visit the PokerStars website to do so. Registration is easy and as always, BonusBonusBonus ensures you the best sign-up bonus available. In order for us to set up your private tournament, we’ll need the following information:

  • Name of the event or participating assocation
  • Poker room, game type and number of players
  • Buy-in and prize pool amounts

So simply write an e-mail to with the information listed above and we’ll take care of everything else – setting up your own tournament has never been easier.



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