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Rakeback - Get Back The Money You Pay in Rake - Rake Robin Hood

If you have played online poker over the past few years, then you have no doubt been confronted with the term "rakeback" before. But what is rakeback exactly, what types of rakeback are there and why is the idea of paying "rake back" to players advertised openly by some online poker rooms and avoided by others? BonusBonusBonus has taken a close look at the topic in order to address some of our users' questions and concerns regarding rakeback, including where you can find the best rakeback deals online. We also encourage our users to check out Rake Robin for more in-depth coverage of the latest in poker rakeback.

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Common Concerns Regarding Rakeback:

The basics: What is Rakeback?

First of all, in order to understand rakeback, you need to be familiar with the concept of rake. Since in the game of poker, players do not play against the house but rather against each other, nearly all poker rooms (both online and in traditional casinos) charge a fee to cover their operational costs. This fee is known as rake and typically amounts to around 5% of the value of the pot at the end of each hand. In fact, the term "rake" originates from the method of collecting this fee in brick and mortar casinos: the dealer physically rakes a portion of the chips aside after each hand is played. Nowadays, in the competitive world of online poker, many online poker rooms have come up with the idea of rewarding players with a portion of the rake they have paid. In many card rooms, for example, it is common to receive a refund of up to 25-50% of the rake you pay every month. However, rakeback is not without controversy. Many poker networks prohibit their members from offering rakeback while others encourage doing so. Some providers may even go so far as to offer rakeback while attempting to hide this fact from other affiliated casinos and poker rooms of their network.

We understand that many of our users are interested in the advantages rakeback stands to offer them. However, we have taken the decision not to actively promote poker rooms with rakeback programs until such a time that rakeback is advertised openly in the poker community. Instead, we invite our users to have a look at Rake Robin, a website soon to be launched that dedicates itself to finding the best rakeback offers online. In the meantime, please consult the table below for an overview of the various online poker rooms that have embraced the notion of rakeback.

What advantages does Rakeback have for me?

From the point of view of players, rakeback can be quite lucrative. Since as a poker player, you have to pay rake anyway, why not get a portion of that money back? Even if you are a decent player and manage to break even against your fellow players, you may still end up in the red because of the rake you pay. Rakeback can mean the difference between a moneymaking player and one that loses money time after time.

Are there any disadvantages of Rakeback I should be aware of?

Rakeback in itself can only be beneficial for players. In effect, if you play at a poker room that charges a typical 5% rake, a 30% rakeback, for example, essentially just means a reduction of the overall rake to a mere 3.5%.

Am I still entitled to additional bonuses if I receive Rakeback?

Whether or not you may claim the various Welcome Bonuses negotiated for you by BonusBonusBonus at a poker room of your choice in addition to rakeback can depend on the specific rules of that poker room. While some may allow players to receive the entire bonus amount as well as rakeback, others may limit the bonus amount or not offer one at all if players opt for a rakeback account. Some poker rooms may require players to meet certain bonus requirements (such as accumulating a certain amount of loyalty points through playing frequently) before they can start generating rakeback after receiving a sign-up bonus.

How much money can I get back?

The rake fees you pay may not seem like much – just 5% of the total value of the pot – but that can easily add up over time. Just take a look at the following table to get an idea of how much rakeback an average player could receive from playing at a full no-limit table with 30% rakeback:

Hours Played
Per Day
$ 0.25 / $ 0.50 1
$ 1$ 8
$ 37
3$ 4$ 25
$ 110
$ 1 / $ 2
1$ 2
$ 15
$ 65
3$ 6
$ 44
$ 194
$ 10 / $ 20
1$ 5
$ 37
$ 165
3$ 16
$ 112
$ 494

As you can see, no matter how much you play or what limits you prefer, rakeback can mean a lot of money for you.

How and when do I receive my Rakeback?

When and how rakeback is paid out varies from provider to provider, with some paying users as often as every day and others calculating rakeback on a monthly basis. Typically, rakeback payments are deposited directly into players' poker account funds, though some also offer payouts to a separate account via various payment methods such as Neteller.

How is my Rakeback calculated?

Generally, your contribution to the rake in a given hand is calculated as the total rake divided by the number of active players. Whether you win the pot or not is not taken into account; the fact that you made a bet ensures that you will also receive rakeback, should you be playing in a poker room that offers it. The rakeback paid to you is then a percentage of the total rake you have paid.

What are Rake Races?

Rake Races are promotions offered by many online poker rooms. In a Rake Race, players that accumulate the most rake and rakeback over a specified period of time are rewarded with cash – typically worth thousands of dollars for first place finishers. Rake Races usually last one calendar month.


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