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SharkScope is one of the most extensive poker databases available and contains more than 300,000,000 tournament results from various online poker rooms in addition to player statistics. More specifically, SharkScope is known as an EPA (external player assistance program), an external aid which can improve your game results substantially within a very short time. Analyze various player statistics to find out who it’s worth playing against or find a tournament where you have the best chances of winning! You will see – it pays off! SharkScope has one of the most extensive databases in the entire online poker industry and provides information about the playing habits of players in countless online poker rooms, including the largest such as William Hill. Please note, that using the SharkScope HUD software is not allowed at PokerStars.

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Sharkscope-GraphHow Does SharkScope Work?

SharkScope collects data about the playing habits of online poker players and provides other users access to this data. So before you sit down at a table with other players, you should take a close look at their statistics. Simply enter the player’s name and corresponding poker room into the search box and SharkScope quickly returns important information such as the average bet and winnings of the player and their current playing level. If a player is rated “Super Hot,” for example, then he or she just won at least six consecutive pots in a cash game or tournament and “Super Tilt” players recently lost eight games in a row. Additionally, the success rate of the player is displayed with the help of ability points, which assign only the best players the maximum of 100 points and average players receive at least 50 points or more. But SharkScope can do even more: with the tournament search function, you can display all the tournaments that are currently taking place or scheduled with a buy-in amount you determine as well as your specified difficulty level.

SharkscopeAt a glance, you are shown where the tournament is held, how high the buy-in is and how many players are already registered. The average player strength is shown with a “fish” graphic (from five goldfish, meaning very weak, to five sharks, meaning strong). Have you had enough of having to enter the name of a player into the search box every time you want to look up their statistics? With the newly-developed SharkScope HUD software, you can also have all stats of your fellow players displayed directly at the poker table, with each display of a player’s stats counting as one search result. Since the beginning of April, 2009, it has also been possible to reset your own information and begin calculating your stats again. Additionally, you can refuse other players access to your own information if you no longer wish to use the program.

What Information Does SharkScope Provide?


SharkScope returns information about all players who have participated in a tournament (such as Sit ‘n Go’s, freerolls or regularly-scheduled tournaments) at a supporting network. Just enter the username of a player in the search box and right away you will see how he or she has performed at different poker rooms in various tournaments. It also provides you with information about tournaments currently taking place so you see right away how well your potential opponents are playing. With the tournament search function, you are guaranteed to find the right tournament and increase your chances of winning enormously.

Download and Payment

You can either choose between either 150 search queries per day for a month / 500 queries per day for three months or 200 search queries that you can use directly on the website at any time. Both variations are available in addition to five free queries a day. The SharkScope HUD software is only available for free to customers with 500 search queries per day and it Windows XP and Vista compatible. All in all, SharkScope is especially popular among advanced poker players – their catalog of statistical data is very extensive and can also be helpful for poker newcomers!


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