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Hold'em Indicator - Indicate if you are a winner

Hold'em Indicator






Hold’em Indicator is a so-called EPA (External Player Assistance Programme), i.e. an external player aid which serves to help you improve your playing style within only a short time. Would you like to drastically improve your game?

Well simply download the Indicator Software here. Did you know that poker-pros rely on EPAs, too? To be more precise: this useful programme is an odds calculator which finds out your chances of winning with your pocket cards and the community cards, within a matter of seconds, using complicated algorithms. Apart from that it also calculates the so-called ‘Pot-Odds’, i.e. the ratio between the size of the pot and the bet you would have to make in order to call and maybe win the pot. In heads-up situations Hold’em Indicator comes in very handy, too. Using your cards and your opponents’, it calculates the odds of how plausible it is that you or he hit a certain hand. These and many more facts is what Hold’em Indicator has to offer in order to help you improve your playing style and adapt in the best possible way to what is going on at your table. There are more than 180 poker rooms that accept Hold’em Indicator, one of which is amongst our personal favourites: PokerStars. If you want, we can help you to immediately download the software and apart from that you even get a special welcome bonus. Not only single poker rooms but also entire poker networks accept Hold’em Indicator, to get more information, simply have a look at a our list of network-reviews.

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Poker Rooms which support Holdem Indicator
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Holdem IndicatorHold’em Indicator ABC

Hold’em Indicator is part of the Poker Odds Calculator Company. Hold’em Indicator creates long-term statistics for you and your opponents, depending on what the stats say your opponents are marked with different little icons which tell you everything about their playing style immediately. A fish is not as dangerous as a rock, for example. All information collected and processed by Hold’em Indicator is legal and will surely help you to improve your playing style and earn more money.

Security and privacy

Hold’em Indicator guarantees you not to send any of your personal information anywhere over the internet. They will also always use sophisticated SSL-technology to protect your personal data in the best possible way.

Which poker variants does Hold’em Indicator support?

Texas Hold’em limit, no limit and pot limit. Hold’em Indicator is compatible with Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista. Without a doubt Hold’em Indicator is a very useful programme especially when it comes to improving your Texas Hold’em skills and earning more money with the game. Each situation at the table is analyzed and your data is worked up in a way to maximise its use for you.


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