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Poker Office - play the game using the wisdom of poker pros and gain money

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The Poker Office software observes every single game you participate in and (obviously only if the software is active) memorizes all hands played either by you or by your opponents.

The data thus collected then helps to create statistical values on your playing style as well as on your opponents’. These values can then help you detect possible flaws in your own game and find out your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses more easily. Graphs and lists of statistical data created by Poker Office contain details on how often a certain player raises before the flop, how many showdowns he sees and how aggressive he plays in certain situations. All these details are exclusively collected by Poker Office in games you actually participate in, your very own hand history (the protocol of hands the poker room itself saves) and other stats can be imported and saved, to make your game as successful as possible. This kind of programmes are called EPAs (external player aids) or tracking devices. There are more than 170 poker rooms which collaborate with Poker Office, one of these poker rooms is one of the best worldwide – Party Poker! Simply follow our link and grab your special welcome bonus.

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What is special about Poker Office

Poker Office undoubtedly offers one of the most ample services in the field of statistics programmes; its software package includes virtually everything players need to improve their playing style. During each game real time stats are displayed which means that it is not necessary to fall back on hand history elements and such. Directly at the table a so-called HUD (head up display) shows you details on your opponents, i.e. odds (what are the odds a player is going to fold before the flop), number of games the stats rely on, how often a player has won a showdown etc. Supported variants: Texas Hold’em (Cash games and tournaments). In addition to the catalogues of statistical data, Poker Office also offer extended graphs which can combine different stats and show you how your winnings correlate with certain values, these graphs can effectively help you increase your poker profits to the maximum.

Apart from that, there also are extended filter options; this means that the programme can isolate certain facts on a particular player, too. Player notes from all the poker rooms you play at, can be saved and administered directly via Poker Office – not only on your poker client anymore – and there also is the possibility of having Poker Office show you your opponents’ mucked hands in real time. The elevated number of graphic elements makes the Poker Office software suitable not only for online poker experts (who will sure be astonished by the sheer amount of information provided) but also for newbies. One big advantage Poker Office has compared to similar programmes is the fact that the Poker Office homepage is available in 14 different languages. So although the software client itself is available exclusively in English, it is possible to inform oneself on the programme and how it works in another language before buying it. Are you convinced already? With us, you can immediately visit the Poker Office homepage. The company PokerOffice Sales & Support Ltd was founded in 2003 and has its legal seat in Malta where the company headquarters is situated. All software elements are developed in Stockholm, Sweden. The 14 languages of the website are: German, Norwegian, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Hungarian.


Security and Privacy

Protection of your privacy is a major issue at Poker Office. First and foremost Poker Office never requests any personal data like your name or e-mail address off you, secondly all details the software needs to register you (e.g. your PCs IP address) are handled under highest security standards only. All payments are processed by the company Regsoft.com, an independent internet payment agency. 

Download and payment

Downloading and installing Poker Office is absolutely simple, to run it you need a Pentium processor and Windows 2000/NT 4/2003/XP as well as at least 64 MB of ram. The software package can be paid using credit cards. Our all in all valuation of Poker Office is thoroughly positive, the programme delivers very useful information very quickly; all data is evaluated and put into easily interpretable graphs. In short Poker Office offers all information needed to improve one’s playing style and adapt most effectively to that of one’s opponents.


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