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Important notice: Our poker experts do not recommend Poker Tracker anymore and strongly advise our customers to use Table Shark from Pokerlabs. 


Stay on track

Programmes like PokerTracker show you flaws in your own playing style, as well as your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. In order to do this, PokerTracker memorizes all the games you participate in (obviously only if PokerTracker is running) and then uses the collected information to create graphs and statistics which can then help you to quickly make your game more profitable.

You further get essential information on your opponents, facts like how many flops they see, what the odds are a certain player is going to raise pre-flop or maybe whether the player is likely to be much more aggressive after the turn. Programmes like PokerTracker are also called EPAs (External Player Assistance Programme) or poker trackers in general. Many of the most important poker rooms collaborate with PokerTracker; one of them is William Hill, one of our personal favourites. If you sign up via BonusBonusBonus you will receive special bonus you should not miss out on. We can also take you to a list of all our profiles of poker rooms that accept PokerTracker.

Poker Rooms which support Poker Tracker
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What is special about PokerTracker?

PokerTracker undoubtedly is one of the best and best known statistics programmes for poker players worldwide right now. Contrary to other similar programmes, PokerTracker mainly focuses on providing its customers with important information on their very own playing style so they can improve it quickly. All data concerning the personal playing style can (according to your likes and needs) be broken down and analyzed only partly, too. So you can see when it is that you play best or in which specific situation you lost a lot of money. Obviously PokerTracker provides its customers with comprehensive statistic data on other players they have already played against.

Usually this data is shown directly at the table, next to each player and is updated after each game. Meanwhile there is a special add-on that can be ordered with PokerTracker, it is called Poker Ace HUD (head up display) and provides additional information on other players and on mucked hands. This information can – if desired – also be displayed in its own pop up and it is in real time, which means that it is updated during the running game too. A brand new PokerTracker version gives customers not only the possibility to feed all their previously accumulated data into the software and have their stats monitored at all time but it is also possible to have ones playing style visualised in a graph.

Security and Privacy

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All sensitive data is protected by an external firm, Geo Trust; using 128-bit SSL-technology Geo Trust guarantees your data’s security at all time. Poker Tracker’s security certificate can be viewed on the site. PokerTracker obviously ensure you that no data will be passed on, sold, or offered to third parties.

Which poker variants does PokerTracker support?

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Stud Spiele
  • Razz

PokerTracker analyzes ring games as well as tournaments.

Download and Payment

Downloading the PokerTracker software is perfectly easy, there even is a download wizard to guide you through the process. The newest version of PokerTracker Hold’em is about 25 MB big and compatible with Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003 and Windows Vista. PokerTracker can easily be paid by credit card. PokerTracker is a highly useful programme that can help more versed players a lot – the catalogue of statistical data is huge but still also new players can easily grasp it after only a short time. Whoever wants to improve their poker skills or maximize their poker winnings is well advised buying PokerTracker.


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