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Sit & Go Shark





Domination in online poker is easy

The highly useful poker strategy software Sit&Go Shark can help you to brush up your playing style effectively and thus maximize your winnings in Sit and Go Tournaments. What the software does is to actively observe all of your Sit and Gos and memorize everything that happens at the table – be it something you or your opponents do.

The information collected is analyzed immediately and the software gives you the right hint for the situation you are in, within seconds. All hints have been created by the father of the programme, Roy Rounder. Roy Rounder is a passionate poker player whose designated goal is to effectively help other players from all over the world to improve their poker skills. Apart from Sit&Go Shark he also offers other statistics programmes and an exclusive newsletter. There are a lot of different poker rooms that accept Sit & Go Shark, one of them is Party Poker for example – one of our personal favourites! If you follow our link, you will be entitled to a special welcome bonus you should not miss out on.

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What is special about Sit&Go Shark

SitnGoShark table

What is so unique about this software is that it does not only give players hints concerning the situation they are in right now, it also provides them with the 7 most important things one needs to know, in order to be successful in a Sit&Go tournament and generally become a better poker player. According to Roy Rounder the 7 ‘Critical Success Factors’ are the following:

  1. Your Cards (i.e. the cards you are dealt and the relationship with the cards on the board)
  2. Positioning (how to treat every single position at the table)
  3. Table Momentum (can differ from casino to casino)
  4. Betting Patterns (how is a player going to react in a certain situation?)
  5. Pot Odds
  6. Number of Players
  7. Stack Sizes and Blinds (how much money is on the table and how does this affect the game’s dynamics)


Taking into account these factors Roy Rounder analyzed thousands of different scenarios and collected the best hints for each situation. These are visually well worked up (i.e. in graphs and by using different colours) and appear, obviously always in the right situation, directly next to the table you play at. Since, with Sit&Go Shark there is an appropriate hint for every possible situation you do not really have to read the stats yourself, which makes Sit&Go Shark an ideal programme for beginners.

Would you like to improve your poker skills? Here you can directly download the Sit&Go Shark software; note that only we give you the best and newest version available right now! What is especially interesting about Sit&Go Shark is its very human side since the creator’s personality kicks through quite obviously and gives the software a very humorous and friendly touch. In the sometimes rather barren field of poker statistics, this is a very welcome change.


The ‘father’ of Sit&Go Shark is called Roy Rounder, an experienced online Poker player who got himself into every possible situation and analyzed it; he also tested and assessed nearly every poker room online. All hints Sit&Go Sharks offers their clients have been written by Roy Rounder basing on all the information he collected. The software itself was created by Mutatum Solutions Ltd.

Security and Privacy

In order to give your personal data the best possible protection, Sit&Go Shark follows very strict security measures for maximum safety of sensitive data at all time. Should Sit&Go Shark want to pass on your information to any third party (like other software firms whose products you might be interested in), your permission to do so will surely be asked of you beforehand.

Which poker variants does Sit&Go Shark support?

Only Texas Hold’em Sit and Gos.

Download and Payment

The Sit&Go Shark homepage offers a detailed step-by-step explanation of the download process and as soon as the software has been paid for, you immediately get your ‘unlock code’ sent to your e-mail account.
Sit&Go Shark can be paid via credit card. The software is very easy to handle and provides its users with the perfect hint for every situation in the game so that players can improve their play and maximize winnings in short time. Not only can the software help players to improve their playing style within a short time but it is also a very humorous and easy to understand programme. 


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