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Calculatem Pro

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Using sophisticated odds calculation methods, poker software can help you to improve your playing style and maximize your winnings in online and offline poker – in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand. Programmes like Calculatem Pro are also called EPAs (External Player Assistance Programmes), i.e. external player aids. In this case the programme is an extended odds calculator for Texas Hold’em which processes your data immediately and provides you with useful hints for your future play. There are more than 100 poker rooms which accept Calculatem Pro, one of them is among our personal favourites: Bwin. Follow our link and get a special welcome bonus. We strongly advise you to switch from Calculatem Pro to a more up to date company and would like to recommend Holdem Indicator.

Poker Rooms which support Calculatem Pro
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There are quite a few possibilities as for how you may customize Calculatem Pro according to your personal wishes. You can, for example, adapt the size of your poker software client to your desktop resolution. You may also define whether you would rather play aggressive or cautious and according to your choice the software then gives you the appropriate hints – in this way you learn to stick to one playing style and play in a consistent way in order to earn more money at the tables.

Calculatem Pro The software client itself is very flexible; you can either attach it directly to your poker-window in full mode or minimize it to a small version which waits at the bottom of your desktop until you need it. In addition to that you can also swap between windows with different contents, one of them is called ‘Deck’ – it shows you which cards are on the table already and marks those that would serve to improve your hand – like this you will never miss a good card again! Of course there also is a graphic display of your table that shows you who has folded, who is still in the game etc. So all in all this software provides you with a wide array of useful data which can help you improve your poker game permanently. Are you convinced already? You are not the only one: players, who decided to use Calculatem Pro are well known scene stars. Btw., the software is a product of Mutatum Solutions, a British producer who specializes in online gambling. A company with tradition.

Security and Privacy

Of course the security of your data is an important issue for Calcutlatem Pro™, LLC. The terms of use inform you thoroughly about how your data is used. Your data certainly will not be given, sold or offered to third parties without your consent. Since Calculatem Pro needs to save the ID of your hard drive, it is not possible to use it on more than one computer with only one license – this is a measure to protect the software from misuse. All transactions are always protected using sophisticated SSL-technology.

Supported poker variants

Texas Hold’em limit, no limit and pot limit

Download and payment

Of course downloading and paying the Calculatem Pro™ software is simple and as soon as you have been sent your registration code you can immediately get going! The software is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can pay the software using a credit card. Now all in all we from BonusBonusBonus.com can only rate Calculatem Pro very positively, the software is easy to use and to handle, it provides you with all the information you need to improve your poker play permanently and maximize your winnings. The download does not present any problems whatsoever.


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