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Poker Crusher - crush your opponents

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Important notice: The game of poker has changed - so is our expertise on strategy programs. Due to this reason we do not recommend Poker Crusher anymore and suggest to switch to Holdem Indicator.


Poker Crusher - general info

The purpose of Poker Crusher is to help you analyze your own poker game as well as your opponents’. The main advantage of this software is that you can adapt better to the other players’ styles and detect possible flaws in your own, too. Would you like to improve your poker skills? Using this link you can directly download the Poker Crusher software; note that only we give you the best and newest version available right now. Simply follow our link to receive a special welcome bonus now. If you would like to read the profiles of numerous other casinos this software works with, go to our reviews section.

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To be more precise, Poker Crusher is a so-called EPA (External Player Assistance Program), i.e. an external player aid or tracking-software. This kind of software collects data on the game of poker players and then makes this data easily accessible to its users. The data collected is a catalogue of statistic values concerning the playing style of the respective person; this meaning details on how many hands a person has played, how many showdowns the person sees or wins, interpretations regarding the overall poker skills of a person or whether he plays tight or loose etc.

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What is special about Poker Crusher

Poker Crusher draw their information from a huge database where real time facts on more than 3,000,000 users (April 2008) are collected and updated every five minutes. Depending on your personal preferences, you can decide what kind of information you would like to see in the main block of statistics on every player; these so-called key stats are then displayed directly at the table. Key stats usually cover data like the sum of hands someone has played, how often the player raises before the flop, how many flops, turns or rivers a person has seen etc. Especially since Poker Crusher’s graphics are very sophisticated, the software is suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced players. Another main asset of Poker Crusher is that it actually recognizes the players at the table and immediately (according to the statistics available) displays an icon next to their names showing their playing style i.e. a shark, a green fish or a calling station etc. At the same time the software also delivers information about your own playing style so it is easy to eliminate possible flaws. By simply clicking on a button you can let Poker Crusher take you directly to the best tables, i.e. those with the highest number of weak players – a feature which makes Poker Crusher the ideal tool for increasing your profits.

Who is Poker Crusher?

Poker Crusher is run by software producer Mutatum Solutions Ltd, one of the leading firms producing poker strategy software.

Security and privacy

Another huge advantage about Poker Crusher is the fact that, while having access to other player’s stats, you actually do not have to disclose yours! In order to prevent false play and fraudulent use of the software one Poker Crusher version can only ever be installed on one PC. Mutatum Solutions Ltd guarantee for your personal data (i.e. your IP- or E-Mail address) not to be sold to third parties or passed on to others in any form. Texas Hold’em (Cash games as well as tournaments).

Download and Payment

Our tests have shown that Poker Crusher is extremely easy to download and that the installation process runs smoothly too. The newest version of Poker Crusher is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista, the download size is about 10 MB. Poker Crusher can be paid for using credit cards, obviously all transactions are protected using up-to-date SSL-technology.


All in all we can only recommend Poker Crusher to you as a thoroughly useful programme; the offer of information on potential opponents is very ample and can thus really be helpful when trying to increase one’s winnings. The fact that it is possible to have Poker Crusher directly take you to the most profitable tables and show you immediately whether a player is more on the winning or on the losing side, clearly constitutes the main advantage of this programme.


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