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Rummy Strategy

Unlike other card games such as poker and Blackjack, Rummy is a skill game with only an element of chance. This means strategy – not luck – is the key to playing a successful game. By incorporating the following tips into your rummy strategy, you will be sure to improve your performance at online rummy tables and increase your winnings as well.


First of all, it’s important to identify which cards you are dealt that you wish to hold on to and which you should discard. Not all cards are as valuable as others. Middle cards can be more useful than those with very high or low values, as they can be used to complete more sets and runs. For example, the 7 can be used in more combinations than any other card. Runs ending with an ace or king may not be as useful as others, since you may only add cards to them on one end.

If you are dealt a number of high value (at least ten points) cards, it is generally recommended to start discarding them if you have been unable to match them within five or six draws. Having so many unmatched high cards in your hand near the middle or end of a game can be dangerous.

Another important aspect of rummy strategy is being aware of the cards both you and your opponents discard. You can learn a lot about the melds your opponents are trying to create by keeping track of the cards they discard and those they draw from the discard pile. You can use this information to help decide which cards you should discard – your goal should be to minimize throwing out cards you know can be of use for your opponents.

This strategy of observing cards added to and taken from the discard pile of course works both ways, meaning your opponents can also infer information about your strategy based on what cards you have discarded and those you draw from the discard pile. For this reason, unless a card on the discard pile can be used to complete one of your melds, you should generally draw cards mostly from the stock pile. You should also try to vary which cards you discard to make it more difficult for your opponents to guess your strategy.

In games such as Gin Rummy, where the concept of “knocking” applies, as soon as you are eligible to knock, you should do so. Waiting only gives your opponents the chance to improve their own melds.

As with any game, the best way to improve your Rummy strategy is to simply practice. Online Rummy sites such as RummyRoyal offer practice tables, where you can perfect your Rummy strategy before taking a seat at a real-money game.


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