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2 to 7 Single Draw Poker (Lowball Poker)

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First steps

Deuce to Seven Single Draw is a poker game also known as LowBall Poker. Being part of the draw games family means that each player gets a complete hand before the beginning of the first betting round and develops the hand during the game by exchanging or “drawing” cards. The difference between Deuce to Seven Single Draw Poker and other popular poker games like Texas Hold’em and Stud is that in Lowball Poker the best low hand wins the pot. Many professional poker players consider 2-7 Single Draw to be the most pure form of poker. This poker variant is played in live cash games, is becoming more popular in online cash games and of course, and is played at a couple events at the WSOP and other major poker tournaments.

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How the game is played

At a Deuce to Seven Single Draw table are seated maximum 7 players, in case of an eight handed mixed game, one person sits out one hand. The player to the left of the dealer button pays the small blind and the player to his left pays the big blind. The big blind usually amounts twice the sum of the small blind. The game proceeds in a clockwise direction and the dealer button changes position at the end of each round, which is the same structure as Texas Hold’em. Sometimes the game is played with an “ante” bet; which is a small forced bet paid in addition to the blinds.

The first betting round


At the beginning of the game, each player receives five cards face down. The first round of betting starts and the player has to make the worst hand possible, straights and flushes being counted against him and aces as high cards. After the blinds are paid, the next step for the players is to decide: call, raise or fold. The first betting round ends when all the players have either called the bet or folded their cards. The best possible hand in Deuce to Seven Single Draw is 7-5-4-3-2 of different suits, also known as “wheel” or “number one”. This is the best hand because there is no ace, no straight, and no flush, and this is also the reason why the game is called Deuce to Seven Single Draw.

The exchange of cards

At the end of the first betting round, the first exchange of cards takes place. A player can discard 5,4,3,2 or 1 of his cards or none of them “stand pat”; usually one rarely discards all of his cards.
The process of replacing or “drawing” the cards begins with the player to the left of the dealer button, and continues clockwise around the table. After all the players have received new cards, a new betting round begins.

The second betting round

The second betting round begins with the player to the left of the dealer button. This player can check or bet, and the game continues until each player has called the bet (if a bet was made), checked, or folded. At this point, the betting round is over and the showdown can begin.


In a Deuce to Seven Single Draw game showdowns are rather different than in any typical poker game like Texas Hold’em. Since no normal value is used and the hands that are usually high in other variants, here it’s the opposite, and the players use a low hand system. When the outcome of a showdown is a tie, the winner of the pot is the player with the lower version of the hand.

The best four hands in Deuce to Seven Single Draw Poker

  • 7-5-4-3-2 (wheel or number one)
  • 7-6-4-3-2 (number 2)
  • 7-6-5-3-2 (number 3)
  • 7-6-5-4-2 (number 4)

These hands must be formed by at least two suits, if the cards are of the same suit, than the combination is a flush, which is not a winning hand in 2-7 Single Draw.

Standard Poker Moves

When you receive the cards, you have a few options. If you like the cards you were dealt, you can bet, call a bet that has been already made, or raise a bet. However, if you do not like the cards you have received, you can fold (discard) them, exchange a few cards or all of them.

  • Fold — If you do not like the cards you were dealt, you have the option to discard them “fold”, and therefore leave the round of the game. If in that particular betting round you have already called someone’s bet, or paid the small blind or the big blind, you lose that amount. After you have folded your cards, you cannot lose any more money during the current round.
  • Check — When you do not want to place a bet, but believe that you wish to proceed to the next round, you can check. This action is possible only when nobody has placed a bet before you.
  • Call — To call a bet means to pay the same amount that the previous player has bet.


The main reason why players decide to go all in is when they have a very good hand. A player chooses to go all in in this case because when other players call this move, and the player who went all in wins anyway, the winnings are significant. A player can also go in to bluff and confuse his opponents - make them believe that he holds a good hand, so they will fold their hands and the player who went all in will win the pot. Another reason to go all-in, is when a player has a good hand, but he does not have enough chips to call the bet made by the player in front of him. In this case, this player can bet all his chips, even if the amount does not equal the sum of the previous bet. The player cannot act any further and should he win the showdown, he wins the main pot, all the bets placed after the player went all in, are set in a different pot — called “side pot”, which is won by the player with the second best hand. Practice makes perfect, and playing online is the best way for you to master the game! We strongly recommend PokerStars, where you can also pick up a fabulous welcome bonus.

Short History of Deuce to Seven Single Draw Poker

Deuce to Seven Single Draw Poker is part of the draw poker family, and is probably one of the oldest poker variants. We do not know the exact time the game was created, but it’s safe to assume that the history of this game dates back to the same time of Five Card Draw. Doyle Brunson referred to Deuce to Seven Single Draw as the most pure form of poker, yet mathematics being a key when learning the basics of the game. Before Hold’em and Omaha took by storm the poker world, Deuce to Seven Single Draw was one of the most popular games, played by classic pros like Billy Baxter, Bobby Baldwin and Doyle Brunson.


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