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Created on: 1. May 2008
Last update on: 19. August 2013
Entry from 1. May 2008    

The beginning of something new

I have something really exciting to talk about this time....

I've been talking to Daniel Negreanu and his crew a lot the last months about joining his new training site called PokerVT. It is very uniqe and different from all the other sites out with tons of new ways to teach poker and how to improve ur game. I wont go into details, but I can see this becoming huge in the feature and I decided to come along for the ride by signing a contract with them. I'll now be making instructional videos for the site after the launch which will be in a couple of weeks from now. I'll be making all my vids on Betfair, so if u want some lessons, sign up and come play with me and I'll berate u and let u know how bad u are muahahah!! Nah, just kidding, :), I'll try to be nice for the most part, but no promises!

Anyways, other than that, Monte Carlo went to hell, and I didnt do well in anything other than a 1k side event that I cashed in. Ran bad in the main event and got sucked out on to bust. Then played some smaller tourneys but didnt do too good. Bubbled one and busted early in the other one. Oh well, there's always another tourney.

Speaking of, I'm going to London tomorrow to play in the European Ladies Open. It'll will be my first ladies event. Not really sure what to expect, but i think the play will be pretty weak for the most part, so I like my chances. Hopefully I'll get in some interesting spots that I can blog about afterwards, but I have a feeling it will become more or less a crapshoot some hours in, like most televised tourneys. Should still suit me well as I'm used to fast structures online, but it definately increasess the variance heavily, so I dont expect too much going into it.

Will update more when I have something to write about :)

Take care,

Annette Obrestad is a poker pro sponsored by who plays online poker exclusively at under the nickname "Annette_15".
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