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How to Play Online Bingo

Party Bingo-Welcome Bonus

Bingo is a game of chance usually played among a group of people, either live or online. The game enjoys widespread popularity around the world thanks to its relatively simple set of rules and fast-paced gameplay. The recent online Bingo boom has seen the creation of a number of websites offering online Bingo games for users playing for both fun and real money. Whether live or online, Bingo is an especially social game with great emphasis placed on player interaction.

How to Play

Each Bingo player receives an individual card or set of cards printed with numbers. These numbers are then drawn at random and announced to the players, who can then mark off the numbers if they appear on their card(s). The cards themselves may also vary in size and shape depending on the game. A player has won when marked numbers on their card form a specific pattern, in general a straight or diagonal line of five consecutive numbers. To signal that they have won, a player traditionally yells “Bingo!” upon having completed the required pattern for the game.

US Bingo


Bingo in the United States is customarily played with cards with 25 spaces on a five by five grid. Each space is filed by a number and usually a number may only appear once per card. Standard rules use the numbers 1 to 75, meaning not every number appears on every card. Often the center space on the grid is left blank or marked as “free” and can be used to complete patterns by all players.

UK Bingo

Also known as “Housey Housey” or “Housie” in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, this Bingo version has slightly different rules than the game popular in the United States and elsewhere.

The main difference is the form of the bingo ticket used. In UK Bingo games, the card itself has 27 spaces arranged in a 9x3 grid. Not every grid space contains a number; each row has five numbers and four blank spaces. Between one and three numbers are entered in each column and each column may only contain numbers within a certain range. So for example, the first column may only have numbers between one and nine. The second column has numbers between 10 and 19 and so on. The last column is then made up of numbers between 80 and 90.

Typically, the winning combinations of numbers called are lines, two lines and a Full House. A line is a horizontal line covering five consecutive numbers in column and a Full House covers all fifteen numbers on the ticket.

In most games, the last number announced must be part of a player’s winning sequence, meaning if a player does not notice they have won before the next number is called, they may be disqualified.


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