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Bingo Strategy

Winner Bingo

While most people would have you believe that Bingo is simply a game of chance with no element of strategy involved, this is in fact not entirely the case. There are a number of actions players can take to influence their chances of winning while keeping the game fun and exciting.

Choose the Right Bingo Room

First of all, selecting the proper room to play at is a major factor. You should compare the relative costs of game buy-ins with the amounts paid out in jackpots to find the room where you will likely make the most profit. Another factor to keep in mind is that signing up at a Bingo room over BonusBonusBonus will secure you a signup bonus as well, which can go a long way to increase your earnings! You may also want to sign up at multiple online Bingo sites so that you can take advantage of short-term offers and promotions offered at any of them right away.

Play Multiple Cards

Once you know where you’re going to play, another strategy involves how many Bingo cards you play at a time. Obviously the more cards you play at once, the higher your chances of winning, though you will have to pay for each additional card. Look at how many players are participating in the game and how high the winning jackpot is before deciding if the possible win justifies the increased cost of buying more cards. A general rule of thumb is playing around four cards at once tends to be optimal.

Use Automated Functions

A seemingly obvious but often-overlooked aspect of Bingo strategy is enabling the “auto-dab” function provided by online Bingo rooms. This function automatically checks off numbers on your cards once they are called, so you don’t have to worry about missing a number. This gives you a decisive advantage over any players not making use of this feature.

Choose Your Own Bingo Cards

Party Bingo-Welcome BonusIf you decide to play at a Bingo room that allows you to select the numbers on your cards, you can add another dimension to your strategy.

Mathematically, any number between 1 and 75 (in 75-Ball Bingo) or 1 in 90 (in 90-Ball Bingo) has an equal chance of being called. So theoretically, whether you number your card with entirely random numbers or use some kind of pattern (such as filling certain columns with certain numbers or avoiding placing numbers close in value near each other on a card), you will not change your chances of winning.

However, many Bingo players believe they can increase their chances of winning by following such patterns when numbering or choosing their cards. You should keep this in mind, because in the event that multiple players win a Bingo match, the payout is split between them. For this reason, you should avoid filling in numbers on your Bingo cards according to popular patterns. Your chances of winning stay the same, but if you use a popular numbering strategy, you are more likely to have to share your winnings with other players!

Possibly the most complex way to play Bingo is by playing multiple cards at once, all numbered by the player. If you choose to play this way, you should be sure to increase your chances of winning by varying the numbering on each card. If your cards are numbered similarly, then you are not making the most out of playing multiple cards. By using all possible numbers spread out over multiple cards, you ensure that you can mark off a number every time a one is called. Just as in casino games, sports betting, poker and Rummy, there is no sure way to win in Bingo, but by following some of our tips outlined above, you can make the most out of your Bingo games.


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