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IBAS - Independent Betting Adjudication Service Ltd.

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Mission Statement

By its nature, volume, and nowadays its complexity, gambling is bound to generate disputes. The UK gambling industry turns over in excess of £50 billion per year, and in common with any part of the retail or leisure sector, requires high-quality customer service standards. An essential element of this is the provision to gambling operators and their customers of a quick and effective means for resolving disputes. To resolve a dispute in an effective and credible manner requires the involvement of an authoritative and independent third party.

IBAS members
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IBAS - Independent Betting Adjudication Service

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The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) was founded in Great Britain in 1998. It acts as an independent adjudicator on disputes concerning the outcome of an event that may arise between the betting or gambling operator and its customers. IBAS received the public endorsement of the Under-Secretary of State at the Home Office and the approval of the trade associations. The Independent Betting Adjudication Service is a British “Company Limited by Guarantee” (CLG) which is an alternative type of corporation. This means that the IBAS does not have a share capital and that the members of the IBAS are guarantors instead of shareholders. Currently the IBAS is funded by 3 guarantors (as of March 2008). All members of the IBAS have guaranteed to contribute £ 1 in the event of the company being wound up. It is especially important for the company to remain fair and neutral towards both parties and to decide on disputes with reference to the operator’s terms and conditions. The most important goal of the IBAS however is to improve its services continuously in order to satisfy both the client as well as the gambling operator.


The IBAS maintains an up-to-date catalogue of bookmakers where all sportsbooks registered with the IBAS are listed. A huge number of British bookmakers like for example Ladbrokes have joined the IBAS. You can determine whether a particular bookmaker is a member of IBAS by looking out for the IBAS-emblem on its website or in its stores. Here you can find a list of all gambling operators registered with IBAS. All bookmakers and gambling operators that are registered with IBAS agree to accept that all decisions made by the IBAS panel are binding. If an operator does not abide by the rules it will be expelled from the catalogue immediately.

Complaints and disputes

If disputes between gambling operators and clients arise, the customer has to send an adjudication form to IBAS that clearly describes the circumstances of the conflict. IBAS cannot accept and decide over disputes presented by phone. You can, however, ask for the adjudication form by phone as well. In order to make an application for the adjudication form, you simply call the following phone number: +44 (0)20 7347 5883 or visit the IBAS website where you can fill in and send the form online.

After receiving the adjudication form, you fill in the most important information and adduce evidence of your case. You can then send the completed form back to IBAS (address see below).

Before IBAS decides on a dispute, it assures that the conflict has been closely reviewed by the concerned gambling operator, but has not been settled to the satisfaction of both, the bookmaker and the bettor and that both parties agree to accept the terms and conditions of IBAS. The two parties involved are obliged to present an application that demonstrates the circumstances of the case.

The members of the IBAS panel, who are not related to the gambling industry, are charged with deciding on a dispute, when the IBAS Chief Executive confirms that all methods likely to settle the dispute have been applied. IBAS assures its customers that only well-versed and impartial adjudicators decide on disputes. When the Panel of the Independent Betting Adjudication Service has made its decision, the bookmaker and the bettor receive a written copy of the decision. IBAS will, in all of its rulings, be consistent with previous rulings issued in similar circumstances. IBAS promises that all conflicts will be dealt with in an accurate, individual and confidential way. At the conclusion of the adjudication process, identical copies of the ruling that also presents the reasons for the decision are sent to both parties at the same time. This is supposed to show that IBAS rulings are not arbitrary and random but based on objective criteria.

Advantages of an IBAS membership

However, not only customers of the respective gambling operator, the bookmaker himself benefits from being registered with IBAS as well.
For a bookmaker, being an IBAS-member means to be recognized as a reputable and secure company and one part of a fair and neutral conflict resolution in accordance to the “Gambling Act 2005”.

888The “Gambling Act 2005” was a British Act of Parliament that came into effect in 2007 and regulates online gaming for the first time. Another advantage for every gambling operator is that the IBAS is allowed to offer conflict resolution in all possible forms of gambling and therefore the whole range of bookmakers is covered by IBAS. In addition to that a gambling operator registered with IBAS meets the demand of the “Gambling Commission” that obliges bookmakers to name an external adjudicator who takes care of possible conflicts. The Gambling Commission was founded in the course of the Gambling Act of 2005. Its main tasks are for example the regulation of gambling and betting, bingo, casino and slot machines.

Contact details

  • Mailing address
    Independent Betting Adjudication Service
    PO Box 62639
    EC3P 3AS
  • Phone: +44 (0)20 7347 5883
  • Fax: +44 (0)20 7347 5882
  • E-Mail:

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