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Created on: 6. August 2008
Last update on: 19. August 2013
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Johns Update

Hi all,
Not updated for longer than I normally do, i like to update once every few days unfortunately I've had nothing time worthy to write for you guys.

Just losing every day and i moan enough so wont bore you with more mundane badbeat stories. However, something I am excited about is going to Portugal end of this month for the new portuguese poker league sponsored by Betfair. 500euro buyin with 15k starting stack, 90min clock. Same structure I believe as the WPT, it should be a great tourney and hopefully I can make some money off a last longer with Annette too. That will be sweeeet.

I'm also super excited about the $100,000 bonus Betfair is offering if you win 2 out of the 3 selected tournaments they have daily. The fields are only about 150 players i believe so im not sure what the exact odds of a good MTT player would be to win 2 in a day. In either event, $100k bonus will definitely be nice.

Also, soon as i get money into my account going to start playing some new games I haven't played before like omaha, so there will be lots of easy money for you guys to win off me. Nick is Kunku Wap in case you didn't know.

come and get it :)

good luck all

john kunku wap

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