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Created on: 12. August 2008
Last update on: 19. August 2013
Entry from 12. August 2008    

Stax, Grinding and Portugal

Well, i finally get money into my betfair account and it transpires that someone won 2/3 tourneys the first day of august and claimed the $100,000 bouns ! How sick is that? First day loooool !!

Actually very funny. Anyway, so, now all that is left is for me to try and get a STAX rating. I didn't deposit much so have to grind up as quickly as possible and with my horrible downswing at moment its proving quite difficult. Played 9 STT so far, 6 handers and cashed only in 1. How embaressing. Anyway, today i had my first winning session in weeks and won a few buyins at 0.5-1 of all places. Only another 50,000 buyins at that level and i should be ok. Good news is, my 2nd turbo tourney i played today i won with 94 runners. Just trying to play as much volume as possible to get this run out of the way before moving back to 10-20 and at the same time trying to work out exactly how this STAX rating works. Seems like im going to have to play Omaha which is worrying as i barely know the rules, should be fun nonetheless.

After playing 0.5-1 for a couple of days its actually quite funny thinking how angry the players get at these stakes when i compare it to 5-10 and 10-20 which is still small compared to the bigger games. Makes you realise that money, whatever the amount is all relative and even if its only $6 that $6 may mean a lot to the opponent and your bet shouldn't be based on the fact that $6 is nothing and he'l' call with any 2 but more an analytical case just like when considering do i fire the third bullet of $2,400 as a bluff. You consider what the money means to him, if he thinks your bluffing, if he is willing to call it and the other 50 million factors. Same should go with playing these micro stakes. Took me a few hours to work that out, but should be interesting over the next couple of days how i fare.

Not much else been happening, so looking forward to portugal though. Its only 500euro buyin, all should play. 15k stack 90min clock. AMAZING ! Can't wait.

Not even had any interesting hands to discuss to be honest, everything been straight forward. Maybe in my next post ill put up some funny pictures of me dancing in my flat. Or videos of me trying to do rolypollys which inevitably end up twisting my neck even further and increasing my osteo costs. Standard.


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