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Created on: 9. September 2008
Last update on: 19. August 2013
Entry from 9. September 2008    

Portugal Part Two

On the Saturday was the second day of the Portuguese tournament. I was in great shape with approx 45k and i think average in the mid 20ks. Unfortunately my new table had mix of big stacks and small stacks. Not the mix i was looking for. I sat out a few orbits patiently to get a better idea of the players and what was possible with whom, and just as I had figured most of it out the table broke! Great.

I get moved to another table with a lot of younger players, generally not a good sign but luckily most of them seemed to be just having fun not online whiz kids. However, one interesting hand developed when blinds were 300-600 with 100 ante. I opened in early position with J8dd for 1800 and only the SB called. The flop came Q-2-4 2 clubs 1 diamond, he checked, i cbet 3k, he instantly called. Turn was 6d giving me a fl dr. The young guy looks at me, and checks. Ive sensed he is pretty weak and he doesn't know what to do, so i decide to put pressure on him as he has a good stack too and cant see him wanting to mess with me oop with a weak hand. How wrong i was... He insta called my 9k bet. River was the Kc. A curious card indeed, completes the flop fl dr and brings an overcard. The question is what kind of holdings does my opponent have, he called from the SB, insta called the flop and turn...and now a huge scare card has come. If i don't believe he had the Q, then is it possible he was calling with mid PP or A-4 A-2 or flush draw? If he checked to me i wasn't sure what i was going to do. Normally an overbet all in is enough to ensure an incredibly high sucess rate as even if i am mistaken and he has a Q he can't proceed to call now. However in this case i think i would have just given up as there were many other weak spots to pick on, no need to risk everything on a crazy bluff against an unknown opponent of unknown ability or inability. In either event, my forward thinking turned out to be irrelevant as the guy bet out 25k leaving himself with only 10k. I had nothing to think about as i cant make a move and shove, not that i would and i only have J hi. So i fold and he proudly turns over and shows me pocket 55. He then proceeds to tell me that he thought i was bluffing both flop and turn so i asked "was the 25k bet on the river a value bet with 55?".

I mean, am i really going to call with anything that can't beat 55 especially as his hand looks so much like a made flush. lol. completely illogical, anyway, i persued to ask more questions as I was curious as to what else was lurking up there in the land of nod. He later then said he thought i had him beat with 77 or 88. Which explains why he called OOP both flop and turn, hoping another overcard and fl could come so he could bluff me out. lol. More likely he was just chatting breeze about the aftermath to confuse me like i do to others. Who knows,i thought it was funny.

What really is funny though is what happened next. The table broke again, my chips have dwindled since 5 hours previously when the day started and im sitting on 40k still with blinds 500-1000. The new table had Annette and a couple of the portuguese team betfair players. From such a soft field, pretty sick to end up on this table. Before i have time to settle on this new table this player with cap, sunglasses and ipod is all in against Annettes mini shove. K7 Annette, guy 10-10. She was short so had to shove, anyway, needless to say Annette hits a King, doubles up then this guy proceeds to keep going all in or what seemed to me to keep going all in. Must have been at least twice a round. Whenever his hands were shown though they were good quality. He shoves again from LP and i was on the button with JJ. blinds 500-1000 100 ante and its 14k for me to call. Standard shove, get the blinds out and to my surrpise he had KK. Ah well, down to 26k, by the time blinds come to me i got about 24k left. Meanwhile, this guy reraised a button raiser all in and the BB snap cold called the all in with 30x BB with QJ lol. Hilarious. Play 2 days to snap call an all in with QJo. I don't get it. I guess the all in guy must have tilted him, but still, to call an all in with a playable stack is pretty donkville. The interesting scenario develops now that this player has a largeish stack of approx 70k. He raises for once, now that he has a playable stack to 3k on the cutoff. Im in the BB with J-10ss. I don't really know what he knwos of me, or if he will call a big shove from me with mid PP mid weak AJ A-10 type hands It wasn't a big raise either so i elect to call. The flop comes A space K spade K club. Gutshot royal fl dr. niiice but bit dangerous as board is paired with cards that are easily in his range. I was going to simply ch r all in as my stack plays itself. Surprisingly he checked behind me. Turn was a blank 3d. With about 7k in the pot i bet out 4500 and my opponent insta called. Now, it seemed to me that he checked the flop for pot control, and his insta call on turn seemed weak. I couldnt get any physical reads or tells off him as he wouldn't speak to me in English nor would he move an inch. AK i ruled out as a possibility or any King as he would have to have at least thought about what to do with it on the flop or turn, think of my possible holdings and think how to extract the most. The insta checks and calls seemed like a mid PP, wanting to get to showdown and trying to scare me from further betting. My plan was to just shove the river if i missed my million outs and it would be pretty hard call for him. The river came another Ace! How interesting. If he did indeed have a PP as i thought, my J is now good, so no point of me betting or going AI as i can't get called by worse and only by beaten hands. I can't see him having a King and an ace is seemingly unlikely though possible. For some reason i just felt like he had a PP. I check and he pretty quickly goes all in. Would a king be able to do a value bet all in? To make it look like a bluff and hope i call with worse? Does he think i am capable of calling with worse? I can't see him holding a king under any scenario. An ace, possible but is it likely? What does he put me on? If he has an ace wouldn't be make a value bet? Does he think i have the king and i am unable to fold the king? What about a Queen, would he bet a Q on a AAKK3 board? Clearly not, nearly impossible to value bet Q hi especially with so much already in the pot. He would check that down.

It made perfect sense to me that he had a mid PP, and although possible for him to have an ace, the fact that blinds were going up in a few mins, my stack was well below average and the steep structure increase from now on in made me decide that it was correct to take a chance and call with Jack high. After a few minutes of deliberation i did indeed make the call only to find my opponent instantly turn over A-10. Great. I callwith jack hi, he shows nut full house. As i got up from the table and walked away disgusted with myself for over complicating the situation i had so many people come up to me and say "unlucky man, sick river." If only they knew why it was a sick river, naturally they thought i got rivered and had a King. They didn't quite realise at the time that it was a sick river as it made me call with J hi under circumstances i wouldn't have unless the sick ace came!! lol.

Quite funny i thought.

Next portuguese leg watch out, im going to make a hero call with 10 hi and bust.

Off to germany this weekend for some betfair WSOPE promotions, but the main exciting thing is going to be my HU rematch with Annette. I know she has been working on her HU game a lot so its going to be incredibly tough but i hope as long as betfair turns off their riggamented RNG it will be a good match. I'll see if i can get some software to record the session, will be interesting to get some feedback.

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