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Created on: 18. June 2008
Last update on: 20. August 2013
Entry from 18. June 2008    

viva las vegas

Hey, what’s up? The Series is in full swing and I’m really happy with how things are going. The last event I played was the $5k NL and although I didn’t cash, I’m very satisfied with how I played. I’m focused, motivated, and having fun.

I had a great last weekend. Some friends of mine road tripped it out here and we hung out with a bunch of players who are all renting a huge house for the series. They call it the Castle. We played some drunken $1/$2, hung out by the pool, and generally got into mischief. A few nights ago, these guys wanted to grab dinner at the South Point. The entrees were taking forever so Bag, Wolf, and I headed to the blackjack tables. Ten minutes later I hadn’t lost a single hand and I decided to call it quits (for the time being) on a great note.

I have to be in the mood for a typical Vegas weekend but it’s a lot easier to get right when many of my closest friends are around. We spent a couple of nights drinking Fat Tires in the hot tub, pulled a few successful joint sessions, and capped the weekend off with drinks at Fat Tuesdays (these places that essentially serve slushies brimming with grain alcohol). I don’t have the stones to try it but they offer a GIGANTIC jug of what is essentially frozen jungle juice for $45 that looks like it would kill all but the most hardcore lushes.

I also hit up the shooting range, which is a ton of fun. The range rents about 50 different kinds of guns there so there’s always something to try. After plinking away with some standard handguns, I decided it was time to get ridiculous. I rented a .50 cal handgun, almost the most useless invention in firearms history. It had a huge barrel on it, and one of those stocks that braces on your bicep. Why is this gun almost the most useless invention? Because at the gun range owner’s suggestion, the next gun I tried was “The Little Dragon,” a fully automatic handgun. This thing was completely ridiculous. Picture a handgun, but then realize that the clip sticks down about 10 inches below the gun. They told me to “really lean into it” and thankfully I did because as soon as my finger hit the trigger, the gun tore through 25 rounds in about 2 seconds. I couldn’t hit a damn thing but wow was this awesome! Completely impractical, completely fun. I burst fired the next clip and actually managed to hit the target. Blackpowder therapy.

Like all good weekends, this one came to a much needed end. My friends left on Tuesday morning and I headed down to the Rio for a NL short-handed event. Back to it! Paul

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