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Created on: 14. July 2008
Last update on: 20. August 2013
Entry from 14. July 2008    

wsop wrap-up

In customary Kwickfish style, I really didn’t want to post anything right after I busted from the WSOP main event. So a few days late, here’s the recap. On day 01, my table played extremely conservatively, as did I. Most pots were limped, which suited me just fine. Other than Lee Markholt, I didn’t recognize anyone at the table. I hadn’t played with Lee before but I was really impressed by his play. He played position a lot and basically tried to take luck completely out of the equation. I didn’t see many high pocket pairs on Day 1, probably because a guy at my table was getting all of them. He literally got dealt Aces five times, once when someone else had Kings and another person had Queens. Nice way to pick up 40,000 chips.

Although I ended Day 01 with only 27k, I was very happy with how I played. I put myself in one bad situation where I didn’t pot commit myself when I continuation bet. I had to make a tough call with Jacks on a Q, 7, 9 board. It ended up being a good call but I still allowed myself to be put to a very difficult decision, something good poker players try to avoid.

Day 02 didn’t go my way. I lost half my stack within the first hour and although I managed to double up a few times, I kept getting whittled down until I made my stand with K, 5. When my opponent turned over A, 10, I knew I was dead. The &*%%* A, 10 has been my elimination hand in many a tournament. It hates me like A, Q hates Hellmuth.

On a side note, the online coverage during the WSOP was top notch. Huge improvement from years past. Yes, I just said that. It took me literally hours to read through all the hand histories. The captions were dorky but I know some people go nuts for that stuff. Seriously though, nice job guys.

There was one bright spot to the series. After surviving Day 01, I attended Phil Gordon’s annual 4th of July party and got talked into playing the $500 buy-in “World Series of Rochambeau,” where I took second place. Yes, please dust off your favorite Wasicka second place joke. Before making my run, I met a very weird dude who called himself “Master Roshambollah, but you can call me Master Rosh for short” and claimed to be a “Retired RPS player.” He had these weird sayings like, “I did not choose RPS greatness, it was thrust upon me,” and stuff like that. Hilarious. Even more hilarious, he lost in the first round! He was gracious in defeat and complimented me for my deep run. Weird Dude, Fun Night.

I thought about playing the Bellagio events, but one can only stomach Vegas in the summer for so long before its time to get out of town. Good luck to Thomas Fuller who’s playing today in the Bellagio Cup.

Oh and I finally got a phone.

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