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Created on: 30. June 2008
Last update on: 20. August 2013
Entry from 30. June 2008    

random thoughts

Good thing the new iPhone is coming out in two weeks because two days ago I relaxed in the pool at Tao Beach. With my phone. So if I haven’t called you back.....

So I was thinking… Kind of sucks that the Main Event runs during the fourth of July. Don’t get me wrong, poker is fun. But the fourth is for barbecue, volleyball, and beer.

Here’s my Main Event plan: Play Day 1a on July 3rd, hopefully make it through. Unwind and party on the fourth. One day to recover. Then two more days to focus and get my mind right before coming back for Day 2a on the 8th. There will be imitators.

I haven’t been playing too many of the WSOP donkaments this time around. They really aren’t my specialty. I have an absolutely abysmal track record in tournies with buy-ins less than $5k.

I have been playing a lot of online poker, however, and things have been all over the place. I played some 25/50 a week ago and ran pretty badly. Recently it’s been better though. My hands have held up.

On Saturday, I played a round of golf in the middle of the day. Five hours outside in Vegas in June? Pretty brutal. I have a newfound respect for Eric Lindgren, who won that huge bet last summer that he could play four rounds of golf in one day, walking the whole way and carrying his clubs. Oh and he had to shoot under 100 each time. I still would have taken Eric though.

Yesterday I taught at the WSOP Academy with Annie Duke. I really like teaching at these. It’s cool to see people so fired up to play poker. It gets me fired up. I worked on general cash game strategies and Annie talked about preflop starting hands and the math behind making a preflop raise. It’s cool to see people soaking up all the information but it’s obvious that it takes a while to incorporate everything. I’d say the most common mistake people made yesterday was putting way too much money in preflop trying to hit sets. Putting a fifth of your stack in preflop with 3, 3 just isn’t profitable.

Well that’s it from here. I probably won’t play anything live until the ME but you should be able to find me online. Kwicky

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