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Casino Gambling for High Rollers / VIP Players

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There is a multitude of casinos catering to needs of recreational gamblers, but what about high stake players? That is precisely why we decided to prepare a section dedicated to online gambling for high rollers and VIP players. If you enjoy gambling as much as we do and love the thrill that comes with high-stakes gambling – you’ve come to the right place. There are numerous online casinos out there, but which one is the best choice when it comes to betting high in your favorite casino games? In this VIP section of our website, you will learn about online casinos offering the biggest gambling limits in the industry, as well as special treatment for VIP customers such as yourself. Several online casinos today present unique and customized offers to high-stakes gambling enthusiasts, read below and learn how to enhance your gambling experience by simply choosing the right place to bet high!

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Stunning Deposit Options for High Rollers

INITIATE BONUSFirst thing to be realized is that as a high roller, your range of offered deposit methods is limited as compared to casual players’. Some payment and money transfer services will simply have a certain limit set for single transaction.

  • Skrill (Moneybookers) for example, upon proving identity (either by sending a scanned copy of an official identity document, proof of address and such) will increase your per transaction limit to € 10,000. Verifying your credit/debit card can further increase your transaction limit by another € 1,000. Skrill, being one of the most popular online transaction methods, also do their best to satisfy all their customers’ demands. Their VIP Loyalty Club is aimed at customers that need bigger amounts of money transferred quickly and at a low cost. Increasing any limits there is just a matter of getting in touch with the 24/7 VIP Support and stating your needs.
  • PayPal is another popular digital wallet and in this case, the limits are different for different countries. For instance, in the United States the transaction limit is $ 10,000 and it varies for other countries depending on the currency.

    There is a number of ways to increase your transaction limits in every country, and it’s always good to submit your inquiries directly to PayPal support team.
  • Another leading payment solution is Neteller, which created a special VIP program to cater to high stake players’ demands. Neteller now provides a possibility to increase transaction limits individually for their VIP customers, and to do so, you just need to get in touch with the VIP support. Neteller provides dedicated VIP customer support team, available 24 hours a day for its VIP members. VIP status also entitles to lower currency exchange fees and a variety of other benefits.
  • Several gambling operators even offer the option of a cash deposit to their VIP players. For example, IBCBET provides the opportunity to make cash deposits as well as pay outs in any European capital, starting from $ 50,000. Different online casinos have different depositing policies, but you can be sure you receive special treatment whenever there’s a VIP program available. In some casinos, every high roller gets a personal assistant, whom he can reach to get assistance with any sort of financial issues.

Bonus Offers for High Rollers

Being a high stake player also comes with higher privileges when it comes to deposit bonuses. Under this section you will find a list of top online casinos providing exclusive bonuses for VIP players, meeting the expectations for any high roller out there. High roller bonuses can reach amazing amounts of thousands of Euro / US dollars, depending on the casino and currency of your choice.

Other VIP Benefits

Apart from cash bonuses, high rollers can enjoy a whole range of other benefits. Various loyalty programs entitle high stakes players to a wide assortment of privileges, like invitations to major sports events around the world, participation in exclusive tournaments, free luxurious hotel accommodation and other treats, such as complimentary food and drinks at high class restaurants and clubs. For example, poker players registered at William Hill Poker can be awarded with VIP William Hill membership, which entitles them to take part in exclusive freerolls, cash back programs and such. There are different VIP levels, and to advance to a higher level, a player needs to accumulate more points. At Bet365 Casino a high roller can join the VIP Royalty Scheme and climb up the VIP ladder (from Bronze to Diamond) by consequently betting more. Various benefits apply to different VIP levels, including deposit bonuses, access to VIP customer support and even invitations to major sporting events.

Online Roulette for High Rollers

What is high stakes roulette? The answer is pretty simple – the difference between high stakes and regular roulette lies in the betting amounts and limits. High stake players can not only enjoy higher betting limits, but also a wide range of privileges mentioned in sections above.

While looking for the perfect casino to play high stakes roulette, you should take a number of factors into consideration. Firstly, the most important thing to check is whether the online casino offers a VIP membership. If so, you can be sure that you will be able to customize your betting limits. Most online casinos have no table limits, meaning that there is no limit set for a total number of chips that can be wagered on any spin (aside from wagering on every possible area). The limitations on inside bets (bets on a single number) can vary from as little as $ 100 to $ 5,000 per number, while the limits on outside bets (colors, even/odd etc.) are generally higher and reach as much as $ 10,000 USD in certain online casinos. See the table below and check our list of the most suitable online casinos offering biggest online roulette limits.

Online Blackjack for High Rollers

888 Blackjack is yet another casino game enjoying extraordinary popularity among high stake players. The main reason behind blackjack’s popularity among high rollers is the fact that players can apply various strategies to significantly reduce casino’s house edge. There is probably no better place in the world to play high stakes blackjack than Las Vegas, but with today’s technology you can as well enjoy your favorite card game from the comforts of your home. Numerous online casinos introduced the live dealer feature, which enables you to gamble with an actual croupier shuffling and dealing cards. There are two kinds of limitations in case of blackjack – maximum bet amount and the maximum bet amount for a table (applies to multi-hand blackjack variations for example). The limits strongly vary, as you can find online casinos with table and single bet limits around $ 250, while there are certain joins where you can find the biggest blackjack limits reaching $ 30,000. Again, being a VIP player entitles you to special treatment, and you should be able to customize your betting limits in most virtual casinos providing VIP loyalty programs. Below you can find the list of our top online casinos providing quality online blackjack for high rollers.

Online Baccarat for High Rollers

High stakes baccarat might not be as popular as roulette or blackjack, but even so it’s still in great demand. The game was featured in blockbusters such as Rush Hour 3 or Casino Royale, and perhaps thanks to the latter it is frequently associated with the financial elite. Unlike other casino games, baccarat is a game of sheer luck, so applying strategies such as card counting will turn out useless. The odds might not be as high as in blackjack for example, but it can be ranked as the second best casino game for high rollers in terms of casino edge, which is just over 1%. Single bet limits can vary from as little as around $ 250 to as much as $ 5,000 in selected online casinos. Should you require bigger betting limits, you can always get in touch with the VIP customer support staff members, who will do their best to cater to your needs. Below you will find a list of top-notch casinos offering biggest online baccarat limits.

Online Craps for High Rollers

Speaking of high stake casino games, craps can’t certainly be omitted. The key advantage of playing high stake craps is that the multiple bets (odds bets in particular) will remain on the table until a 7 is rolled. This indicates that any high roller wagering big amounts of money will actively participate in the game for the next rounds until a particular winning number is hit. This greatly increases odds and makes craps one of the most suitable gambling games for high rollers. Being able to place multiple bets in one game alone means that a considerable amount of money can be wagered and won in a single game. Just like with roulette, here a high stake player faces two kinds of limitations – table and maximum per bet limits. While most online casinos offer craps with no table limit, in certain cases the cap might be set from as little as around $ 300 to $ 5,000 USD. Other casinos offer single bets as high as $ 5,000, which can be further increased upon contacting VIP customer support representatives and making a request. Please refer to the table below for the biggest craps limits that can be found in top online casinos for high rollers.

High Stakes Poker

No list of gambling games for high rollers would be complete without poker. This world-renown card game attracts players of all countries and all bankroll sizes. Nowadays there are not only poker TV shows, but even entire channels that broadcast 24/7. If you are interested in poker, then you know that being a high stakes player comes with a worldwide recognition. The main difference between poker and the abovementioned casino games is that in this particular card game, the players compete with each other, not against the casino. This makes poker a special kind of game, requiring an extensive set of skills in order to play for big money. However, if you know what you’re in for – here are some facts about the biggest poker limits offered by prominent poker room operators. High stake poker players can find tables with fixed limits as high as $ 1,000 or even $ 2,000, and in some multi-table tournaments have buy-ins reaching $ 25,000 and more. High stakes poker sites are also attended by famous poker celebrities and you can watch them playing with stacks over $ 100,000, or even compete them.


As you can see, being a high-stake casino gambler comes with a number of added benefits. From the above information, you should be able to select the perfect place that will guarantee you VIP support, the highest limits for specific casino games and a variety of other privileges. If you still have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our experts at support(at) Whether your bankroll is $100 or $100 000, it is always important to know your limits. Our team supports reasonable gambling and cooperates with responsible gambling initiatives.


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