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Best Live Dealer Casinos - The World is Spinning Around

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The internet has changed forever the way that people think of work, shopping, relaxing, having fun and... gambling. Live Dealer Casinos are a relatively new concept of online casino, a development made possible by broadband internet access, and they are becoming more popular by each passing day. Just like at a real casino, the cards are dealt by a real life person, at a casino gaming table, rather than simply by a random number generator used in typical online casino games. The difference is just that you can play from anywhere, whenever you are in the mood for a game, without worrying about getting dressed or making travel arrangements. The dealers are visible via webcam or a live streaming video link and often you can also communicate with them in real-time by using a text chat function or a microphone, thus offering a social component that makes the game more appealing and re-humanizing online casinos.

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Introducing Live Dealer Casino

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The concept of the Live Dealer Casino was the result of creative thinking from important software companies such as Playtech, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Cryptologic and Realtime Gaming, who were determined to create a product that would offer the amazing graphics and sound effects of the traditional casino games combined with the thrill and excitement of live “Las Vegas style” action, resulting in a great gaming experience for the users. The players can change the user interface according to their preferences; they can adjust the music, sound effects and dealer voices, for those with vision problems the size of the cards can be increased and for maximum transparency you can see close ups of the game table. The players prefer real-life dealers instead of the random number generator because they feel that live gambling is fairer, more credible and there is also the sensation of control over the outcome of a game that you don’t get while playing the regular casino games.

Inside a Live Dealer Casino

Thanks to the amazing technological developments over the past few years, players can witness live at their computer, mobile phone or tablet device, the spin of the wheel at roulette, the dealing of the cards at Baccarat and Blackjack or the throwing of the dice at Craps. All this action is easily integrated in the user interface through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, enabling the player to interact with the game in a very similar manner to other virtual casino games, with the only difference residing in the fact that the outcome of the game is determined by real-life actions instead of the automated process of a random number generator. Some casinos have created their own television channels to transmit the live games, in which cases the players use their remote controls or mobile devices to place their bets, however most of the live casinos are hosted exclusively on the internet.

The staff typically consists of one or more cameramen, several highly trained, professional dealers for each of the various games, an IT manager to quickly resolve any technical problems that may arise, and a pit boss that supervises the games and settles the disputes between players and dealers. The usual setup for the Live Casino is of several rooms - one or more live studios, a server room and an analyst’s room. Some casinos have multiple gaming tables in the same studio, while others prefer to host each game in separate rooms.

The Games

The variety of the games offered at Live Casinos is still somewhat reduced, since the costs required to create and to maintain an operating Live Casino are considerably larger than those needed for a regular online casino, but they are selected from the most popular and famous casino games: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps and poker. There are also different variations of these games available, and the stakes vary from a dollar to several hundreds. Live Casinos are most popular in Europe and Asia, but there’s wide coverage in Canada, South Africa and Australia as well.

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For players looking to bring more of the authentic feel of a true casino visit into their online casino games, live dealers could be just what they’re looking for. Of course, you can still rely on the same advantages online games have to offer, including total anonymity and being able to play from the comfort of your home, as well as great bonus offers and special promotions (some live casinos even offer the possibility to try their games for free). With the increase of the internet connection speed and the improvement of video streaming, many online casinos are now offering their games in Live Dealer formats, so there has never been a better time to give it a try.


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