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Bwin Poker School

Bwin Poker School has everything new poker players need to learn the basics and sharpen their skills. Students are greeted with an introductory video showing how easy is to play the game. The video features an actor and a “monkey” facing each other, with the latter winning the entire pot. Below the video you’ll find the complete overview of bwin Poker School. From here, depending on your knowledge you can access different learning tutorials. If you have no idea what a “Full House” is, you should probably start from the very roots; however, if you’ve played poker before at other online rooms, the most sensible decision would be to familiarize with bwin’s poker software, promotions and rewards system.



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Bwin Poker School tutorials

In the “playing poker” section you have access to games rules which cover Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. Each aspect of the game is explained in great detail with screenshots showing all the mechanisms of the game. A lot of theory is dedicated to betting patterns. Bwin Poker School teaches you the specifics of each betting round, so you get solid poker foundations right from the start. There is also a separate page explaining all the poker hands, a glossary with poker terms and few tips on poker strategy. If you’re curious to know how Poker has evolved since its early days, bwin has an entire History section which will guide you through the origins of poker, the modern game, cash games and tournaments. One of the standout features of bwin’s Poker school is the interactive video tutorial that shows you how a hand is played by inviting you to participate actively in the decision making.

When you think you’ve got enough theoretical knowledge it’s time to put it into practice. At Bwin Poker School you’ll learn how to create an account, how to install the poker software and how to take a seat at various tables and tournaments. Bwin will help you decide whether it’s better to play cash games or enter various tournaments with preset prize pools. You’ll also get all the numbers on bwin’s rake and tournaments entry fees.

Learn Poker and get rewarded

Every bit of information you learn about the game makes you a better poker player. To keep you motivated and focused, bwin has prepared an achievement system that helps you display your poker expertise. With every small victory you register, bigger challenges appear on the horizon. The rewards are divided in Collectibles, Milestones and Highlights. You get collectibles by simply playing the games and experiencing new situations. The Milestones start with your very first hand of poker, while the highlights record your unfortunate loses and great victories against all the odds. More rewards are up for grabs when you take on bwin’s poker missions. Each mission gives you a set of objectives to complete. You can track your progress from your profile or even put the mission on hold, and start a new one. The prizes range from reward points to tournament tickets or tournament dollars. If you want to learn poker while playing it and get rewarded on top of that head straight to bwin Poker.


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