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Party Poker School – learn how to play cards with the fun factor

Just like many other online poker rooms, Party Poker too offers their customers the possibility of improving their poker skills right on the site of Party Poker. By clicking on the menu item ‘How to Play’ you reach a section of the homepage where you find anything from poker basics and explanations of different poker variants to a complete software-guide.



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Party Poker Obviously, for your successful start into the world of online poker, you not only need good basic poker knowledge but a nice bankroll is definitely also important. We can take you directly to Party Poker where you can immediately download the software. Be one of our lucky winners. 

The structure of the Party Poker School

Basically the school is made up of nine different elements that will make you the best poker player you can be in nine simple steps! To make sure that you do not make any mistakes during your first games at the interactive tables, we recommend you to use an external player aid. The nine different topics you can inform yourself about are the following:

  • Interactive Tutorial
    Here you are shown a video of a poker game – starting with the choice of the game in the poker lobby and ending with the showdown at a table.
  • Basic Poker Rules
    Here you find an introduction to the basic rules of online poker plus an explanation of what the four different suits and the 13 ranks of the poker deck are. Apart from that you also find a list of hand rankings here.
  • Poker Games
    This next part of the Party Poker School is about explaining five different poker variants (namely Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo) to you.
  • Betting rules
    Here the principles of limit, no limit and pot limit games are explained.
  • Buy-Ins and Table Stakes
    What is a buy-in and how are tables stakes handled at Party Poker? This menu item is about all these crucial questions.
  • Glossary
    An extensive glossary provides you with explanations of up-to-date poker jargon; here you find everything from ‘Aces Full’ to ‘WSOP’.
  • Poker Etiquette
    Even for online poker there is a code of conduct – a choice of these rules is listed here so you do not reveal your newbie-status as soon as you sit down at a table!
  • Poker Tips
    In this section two poker-pros have joined their forces and put together a list of the most important tips for your first steps in the world of online poker.
  • Chat Glossary
    This point, too, is supposed to help you avoid revealing your newbie-status to everyone at the table. It gives you information on the most important chat-shortcuts and their meanings.

So these are the contents of the Party Poker School where you will surely learn many new things. All information offered on the site is very well worked up and easy to understand and if you feel you are ready you can start playing right away. At this point we again offer you to immediately download the great Party Poker software.


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