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Paddy Power Poker Academy

Similar to many other poker rooms, Paddy Power Poker too offers players the possibility of improving their poker skills. To be more precise – the so-called Paddy Power Poker Academy provides crucial poker facts for all those who need them!



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Your first steps in the world of online poker will of course be facilitated by the Paddy Academy but we can help you with your bankroll. We have negotiated an exclusive sign-up bonus with Paddy Power, so if you register using one of our links, you will get a massive bonus on your first deposit. Simple and true. This only works if you access the page over our site, though. If you want you can also immediately download the software. There is another way to make you first steps in the world of online poker easier – you can use strategy software to avoid making mistakes at the virtual tables.

Facts on the Paddy Power Academy

If you click on the menu item Poker Academy on the Paddy Power Poker page, you get to a list of eight different topics. These are the topics on which the Paddy Power Poker Academy provides information:

  • Paddy Power Odds Calculator
    This very useful tool calculates your chances of winning – taking into account your pocket cards and the community cards – as well as other odds; in order to get there the programme uses a number of complicated algorithms. Additionally the software which immediately attaches to your poker window also provides you with statistics on your own as well as your opponents’ playing styles. Depending on the specific playing style, each player is even marked with a particular symbol so you instantly know who you are up against when you sit down at a table.
  • Poker Strategy
    This part of the Paddy Power Poker Academy is made up of a long list of different articles on poker strategy. Depending on the topic you are interested in – be it ‘how to bluff’ or ‘the 10 most common mistakes in online poker’ or ‘Sit&Gos’ – you only need to click on the topic to get a detailed explanation.
  • Starting Hand Calculator
    This very useful tool offers you the possibility of having your pocket cards analyzed in real time. You only need to select your two cards from a 52-card deck and the software immediately calculates your winning odds and gives you hints on how to play this hand best.
  • Hand Rankings
    Here you can have a look at different poker hands and their strength in comparison to other hands.
  • Handy History
    The Paddy Power Poker software contains an element that automatically keeps a protocol of all the hands you have played and transforms them into simple graphs so you can easily analyze your own game.
  • Poker Jargon
    This part of the Paddy Power Poker Academy provides a long list of different poker terms and their explanations…so you never think of running water anymore when you hear the word ‘river’.
  • Hand Nicknames
    Here you find the most common nicknames of 23 different poker hands.
  • Doctor Jack
    This part of the Paddy Power Poker Academy gives you the opportunity to contact poker-pro ‘Dr. Jack’ via e-mail and get advice on specific situations and problems. All the pieces of advice are easily comprehensible and also good fun to read. A choice of Dr. Jack’s articles is even published on the site so you can easily browse through them and thus get information on different topics.

So, all in all the Paddy Power Poker Academy gives you everything you need to become the best poker player you can be. Or even better.


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