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Poker Academy

Without a doubt the poker school website, exclusive partner of (which now belongs to Bwin), offers the most comprehensive tutorial for no limit Texas Hold’em Poker available online. Even after the best tutorial we recommend you to use some kind of external player aid anyway!

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In order to make your start into the world of gambling a smooth one, you get an exclusive sign-up bonus when you follow our link – to make your account gleam right away. focuses exclusively on no limit Texas Hold’em. For this variant only, Pokeracademy provides an entire course, taking you from ‘beginner to winner’, as their slogan says. This is done in five main steps, the five main subject areas are Basic Poker, Getting Started, Position Play, Strategies and Psychology. Each subject area is addressed in a special lesson and at the end of each lesson, you even have to confront a quiz to prove you have actually studied what the course was about. In between the main subject areas you also have to pass tests, these are comparatively harder though and there is less time to answer all the questions. Furthermore three bonus rounds will be encountered between the main subject areas which can bring you nice bonuses with – if you do well in your tests. All services offered on are entirely free of charge and do only require your registration. The website is available in English and German.


Now as for the five main subject areas

The point Basic Poker, focuses on providing you with a comprehensive basis of poker knowledge in a series of detailed steps (for example by introducing you to facts on hands, rules or odds), knowledge you need to acquire before you can even think of sitting down at a poker table. What is stressed as extremely important here is that you take your time when going through these lessons, since Texas Hold’em is a game of skill, not luck; you are going to need the knowledge taught here. After having passed the test and gone through the first bonus round, you can now go on to the section called Getting Started. Here you are taught to manage risk, money and your own behavior to make sure you learn to always make the right decision when playing for real. Now after this second part, you have to pass yet another test and can then go on to part three: Position Play.

This session is about being able to react to certain situations in the best possible way, always considering your position at the table – of course it is impossible to analyze every single situation, but as time goes by you will get better at assessing them and making the most of them. The next step on your path to no limit Texas Hold’em Poker is called Strategies. This part is not so much about your play anymore; it’s about the other players at the table. This lesson is about teaching you to assess and analyze your competitors judging from their moves to see how they are confronted best. After another bonus round you reach the last level which is called Psychology, here your Texas Hold’em skills are supposed to get their final touch. This lesson is about you learning to not let your emotions get the better of you as well as being able to assess and predict other’s reactions. Once you have passed the test at the end of this section, you are officially ready for your debut in the world of online Poker. An extensive poker glossary can always help you even if you are already through with your training at Pokeracademy.


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