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American Express - the real american dream

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American Express - The Freedom of Gaming

The American Express Company (AMEX, Amexco) was established in 1850 in New York and it immediately became the most successful express delivery businesses in the US. The money order business was launched in 1882 and in 1958 the technological advance now allowed American Express to issue its first charge card (antecessor of credit card).

Today the firm operates in more than 130 countries worldwide and apart from credit cards the portfolio includes various financial services and one of the world’s largest travel agencies and is well known to sports betting folks. The company is listed on the NY (NYSE) stock exchange.


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Personal card overview

In contrary to other credit card companies e.g. Visa and MasterCard, who involve plenty of financial institutions to issue their cards, American Express is its own card-issuing bank. Customers can pay monthly (AMEX charge cards) or pay more flexible over time (AMEX credit cards). Of course the degree of creditworthiness is essential when it comes to deciding on the right card.

Australian cards

Credit cards (The American Express Card, The Gold Card, The Gold Choices Credit Card, The Platinum Card, The Blue Sky Credit Card, The Quantas American Express (premium and ultimate), American Express Business Cards (Accelerator Credit Card, Gold Business Card, Platinum Business Card).

Canadian cards

American Express Card (green), American Express Gold Card, The Platinum Credit Card from American Express, Blue Sky Credit Card, American Express (AeroplanPlus Card, Aeroplan Plus Platinum Card, American Express AIR MILES Credit Card, AIR MILES Platinum Credit Card, Costco Platinum Cash Rebate Card, Holt Renfrew Platinum Card), American Express Business Card (Business Gold Rewards Card, AIR MILES Gold Business Card).

Irish and UK cards

Charge Card, Credit Cards (The Green Card, The Gold Card, The Platinum Card, The Blue Credit Card). Charge cards (Gold Business Charge Card, The American Express Card (green), The Gold Card, The Platinum Card, The Platinum MoneyBack Card, The Platinum Business Credit Card, American Express Red, The Nectar Credit Card, The Nectar for Business Credit Card, Blue Sky Card (formally Blue Travel Rewards), The BMA Services American Express Credit Card, British Airways American Express Cards (American Express Credit Card, American Express Premium Plus Card).

US cards

Charge cards (Preferred Rewards Green Card, Gold Card, Preferred Rewards and Rewards Plus Gold Card, Platinum Card), Credit cards (Blue from American Express, Blue Cash, Blue Sky, Blue Student), Optima Platinum Card. Plenty of other local credit cards like the City Reward Cards, where customers are rewarded points, which they can spend in places like in New York or L.A. are also available. Partner cards are tailored to meet the customer’s individual interest. Travellers can apply for special Airline Cards, where they can collect air miles or they can ask for various Hotel Cards if they are regular guests of certain hotels.

Payments with American Express Credit Cards

Instead of having 16-digit credit card numbers like Visa and MasterCard, American Express card numbers are only 15 digits long. For online payments, all one needs to do is to enter card number, expiry date, name and the 4-digit CID number (Unique Card Code, also referred to as CVV / Card Verification Value or CVC / Card Verification Code or CSC / Card Security Code) on the front side of the card.

The transaction is electronically verified by special systems within seconds, so the merchant can be sure the card is valid and the customer has sufficient credit to cover his expenses. Of course it is also no problem to have money (e.g. winnings) transferred to your American Express card. Again, all one needs to do is to enter the necessary card information and the money is available faster than it would have been via bank transfer.

Which fees are associated with transferring money via American Express?

Depending on the card there might be annual fees to pay and different rates of interest have been determined for each card. Paying with American Express is free for customers, whereas merchants are charged commission for each payment they receive. Depending on the branch of trade and the number of transactions, the retailer has to pay between 3% and 5% and a small additional fee. Some online businesses pass the fees on to their customers!

Where is American Express accepted?

American Express cards are accepted worldwide in more than 130 countries (including the Internet) with various currencies. If more than one currency is involved in payments, Amex converts the amount automatically.
Points of acceptance can be clearly identified by the American Express company logo. The most popular payment method on the Internet, especially with online gaming providers, is the credit card without doubt. At the moment, Jackpot Capital Casino is one of the few online gambling site that accepts American Express credit cards. But one can also pay for poker strategy programmes like Calculatem Pro.

Website languages

American Express runs specific versions of their website for most countries. The following languages are represented: Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malayan, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish

Support and Security

Whenever customers send personal details to the American Express Company, a secure session is established by using SSL-technology. Private information is encrypted and not passed on to any third parties. In order to prevent fraudulent activities, it is always pointed out that customers should keep their credit card(s) in a safe place and that American Express should immediately be notified if the card is lost or stolen.


In Australia, American Express operates American Express Australia Limited (Card-Issuer, insurance services), American Express International, Inc. (foreign exchange, travel services ...) and American Express Wholesale Currency Services Pty Limited (bank note distribution services). In Canada, American Express products and services are offered by Amex Canada Inc. and Amex Bank of Canada. In the UK, American Express runs American Express Services Europe Limited, American Express Europe Limited, American Express Bank Ltd, American Express Insurance Services Europe Limited and American Express Holdings Limited. In the US, American Express is operated by the American Express Company.


Customer service can be reached by phone, by e-mail (Amex-customers) or via the contact form on the website. Customer service, lost or stolen cards and general information (24/7):

  • Canada: American Express
    General Correspondence
    PO Box 7000 STN B
    Willodale Ontario, M2K 2R6
  • Registered office UK: American Express Services Europe Limited
    Belgrave House
    76 Buckingham Palace Road
    London, SW1W 9AX
  • Head office UK: American Express Europe Limited
    Amex House
    Edward Street
    Brighton, BN88 1AH
  • General enquiries US: American Express
    P.O. Box 981540
    El Paso, TX 79998-1540
  • Headquarters US: American Express Company
    World Financial Center
    200 Vesey St
    NY 10285

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