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Solo is a debit card produced in Great Britain which was introduced in 1997 according to the Switch Card Scheme, one of the world's leading payment systems. Like its big sister Switch – which is now called Maestro – Solo is a fully electronic debit card. When paying online as well as in real stores, like its largest competitor, VisaElectron, Solo accesses the bank account of its owner directly.



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Pay and be paid with Solo


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Solo cards make the best control of finances possible for their owners and give them a feeling of security. Before being cleared, each transaction must be authorized so that no more can be spent than is available on the bank account. Because of that, the solo card especially appeals to young people and "plastic money newcomers." Solo debit cards are available in all branches and over the websites of British banks such as HSBC, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and NatWest and can be issued to different kinds of bank accounts such as checking accounts, savings accounts, or accounts for minors.

During the payment process simply the required card details such as the card number and the name of the card holder need to be entered into the Solo payment field of the online vendor. The customer confirms his or her identity by inputting his or her individual PIN code.

The 3 digit security code on the back of the Solo card is also requested by some online vendors in order to prevent potential card misuse. During each transaction the issuing bank immediately checks if the necessary amount is available on the account of the card holder. Once the payment process has been authorized, the payment can be carried out and the amount is deducted from the customer's account within 1 to 2 workdays and transferred to the online vendor. Should customers have won a tournament at William Hill Poker or, for example, put their money on the right horse at an online bookmaker such as Ladbrokes, their winnings can be transferred by means of Solo to the bank account of the customer. The required card details and PIN code must be entered in turn into the payment field and as soon as the online vendor's payment has been initiated, the amount should be credited to the customer's account after 3 workdays at the latest.

What additional fees are collected by Solo?

The annual and activation fees are determined individually by the issuing banks and are often a consequence of the fees for managing the account. Use of the Solo card for payments is free of charge. Those with a Maestro and/or Cirrus logo on their card can use them normally for payments and withdrawing money abroad as well (everywhere where Maestro is accepted). However after doing so most issuing banks will charge an individual conversion fee.

How high are the transfer limits?

The solo card can be used for payments as often as desired and there are also no transfer limits. However, once the funds on an account are exhausted, no further payments are possible with Solo until the account has a positive balance. Since the Solo card is largely distributed in Great Britain, the website is unfortunately available only in English.

Use this payment anywhere where the circular Solo logo (white and black lettering on a violet background) is seen, the Solo card can be used. Those with a Maestro logo on their card can pay and withdraw money with their Solo debit card anywhere (also abroad) they see the Maestro and/or Cirrus logo.  Solo has a bold career in the domain of online payments behind them and, especially in the world of gaming, has come to be offered nearly everywhere as a method of payment.

Support and security

To ensure the security of customer data, for quite awhile only cards with a 3 digit CVV number (card verification number) have been issued. Most serious online vendors request this to avoid card misuse.  Moreover, entering the PIN code confirms the identity of the card holder. Solo is a trademark of S2 Card Services Ltd (formerly Switch Card Services Ltd). S2 Card Services Ltd is responsible for the coordination of Solo (and formerly also Switch) card systems within British banks. In addition, S2 Card Services Ltd has been licensed by MasterCard for the distribution of Maestro (formerly Switch) in Great Britain. Customers can contact the card-issuing bank with questions or problems with their Solo debit card. 


  • Card cancelation service of issuing banks:
    Bank of Scotland: +44 (0)13 1549 8046
    : +44 (0)11 3285 1320
    : 0870 540 0500
    : 0870 513 3550
    Hotline for Solo
    : +44 (0)84 5600 7010
  • Contact address:
    S2 Card Services Ltd

    47-53 Cannon Street
    London, EC4M 5SH

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