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My Citadel - World Wide Wallet

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MyCitadel is an electronic wallet from the North American Citadel Commerce Corp., with which it is possible to carry out online transactions. As soon as money has been put onto the online account, it can be sent electronically from the owner to anyone with a valid email address, or used for online shopping.

How can I send money with myCitadel?

After opening a myCitadel account free of charge and having money deposited onto it, you can send money to people with a valid email address at no charge. During an online purchase, such as in the world of gambling, just the wallet ID or email address needs to be entered into the payment window of the online vendor. The amount will be charged to the myCitadel account immediately and as soon as the receiver accepts the amount, the money (minus service charges) will be transferred. Basically anyone can open a myCitadel account, although the deposit methods onto the myCitadel account differ from country to country. Generally, bank transfers, electronic money transfers and payments with Visa or MasterCard are accepted. All transfers take place in real-time. Those who have received a money transfer on myCitadel are informed of this via email and just have to accept the amount (after the amount has been accepted, cancellation is no longer possible). Those who, for example, would like to have their winnings paid out from an online bookmaker such as PartyBets, just have to enter their wallet ID or the email address they used to register on myCitadel into the payout window. If you register with PartyBets via BonusBonusBonus you will receive a special welcome bonus.

Can I also withdraw money from my myCitadel account?

Yes. After funds have been on the myCitadel account for at least five workdays, they may be removed or paid out. Transfers to bank accounts take one to three workdays. Those who would like to have the money they have received paid out immediately can have so-called “pending transactions” made instantly redeemable for an addition fee of 6.9% of the transaction amount. Pending transactions are deposits that do not cause an overdraft of the account when withdrawn. In the “account overview” you can find all deposits that can be made “instantly available” under “pending transactions.”



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What fees are collected by myCitadel?

Generally, a fee of 1.9% is collected on deposits onto a myCitadel account made via credit cards; all other payment methods are free of charge. For private money transfers, a service charge of 1% of the received amount will be charged to the recipient. Withdrawals from myCitadel accounts are liable to fees as well. In the United Kingdom, for example, withdrawing funds to a customer’s private bank account costs £ 1 and for withdrawals made by check, £ 3.50 is charged. However, checks delivered by Federal Express Courier cost £ 28.50. In Ireland, withdrawals may only be made by check. If these are sent by mail, € 7 is charged; but checks sent via Federal Express Courier cost € 57! In Canada, withdrawals to a bank account cost $ 2 CAD and checks sent by mail cost only $ 3 CAD; checks delivered by Federal Express Courier cost $ 28 CAD.

How high are the limits set by myCitadel?


If the myCitadel wallet has not yet been verified then not more than € 2,500 may be deposited onto it and each withdrawal is limited to € 500 per transaction. Those with verified myCitadel wallets don’t need to be mindful of any limits when depositing by means of bank transfers. Deposits onto the myCitadel account made with credit cards must be between the minimum amount of € 25 and not more than € 1,000 per transaction. The more a myCitadel wallet is used to pay or the more is paid onto it, the more flexible limits on the account become. Withdrawals from a verified myCitadel wallet via bank transfers and checks are restricted to at least € 25 per transaction and at most € 10,000 per day. A myCitadel wallet can be verified as soon as the identity of the owner can be confirmed, for example by means of an identity card, driver’s license or tax return. Account holders can also have their addresses verified by having a code sent to them by mail and then emailing this code back to myCitadel.

MyCitadel accepts the following currencies: euro, British pound, Canadian dollar, Chinese renminbi, Swedish krona and US dollar. The website is available in English as well as French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. MyCitadel is an established method of payment that is often offered, above all on online gaming sites such William Hill or Bet365 Sports. It is currently possible for residents of Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Macao, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States to open a myCitadel account.


MyCitadel exclusively uses SSL encryption (128 bit) for data transfers. Furthermore, data is managed in a secure data center and protected from access by third parties. The company was founded by the Citadel Commerce Corp., which is the most successful subsidiary of the ESI Group. The European branch Citadel Commerce is licensed and regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority). Questions or problems with myCitadel can be directed to their customer support, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by telephone, e-mail and live chat.

  • Service Hotlines: (toll-free)
    Jackpot Capital
    International: +00 800 2952 4390
    , Canada: +1 877 747 8433
  • E-mail: supportde@myCitadel.com
  • Contact addresses:
    Citadel Commerce UK Ltd

    Northfield House
    Northfield End
    Oxfordshire, UK RG9 2JG

    Vancouver Office - Headquarters
    Citadel Commerce Corp.
    15th Floor-4710 Kingsway Avenue
    Burnaby, BC V5H 4M2, Canada

    European Head Office
    1210 Parkview
    Arlington Business Park
    Theale, Reading, UK RG7 4TY

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