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Visa Delta / Visa Debit

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Visa Delta was developed as one of the first debit cards in Great Britain and was initially only for use in that country. Since 2004, Visa Delta cards have generally been issued under the name Visa Debit, whereas in some European countries an improved, cross-national Visa debit card called V PAY is already being distributed. In the USA, Visa debit cards are called Visa Check Cards. Meanwhile, on the website itself the term “Visa Delta” is no longer used in any country.

During a purchase with debit cards, in contrast to payments with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club) or electronic wallets like Moneybookers or Neteller, the bank account of the customer is directly charged, similar to a bank card. By the way: Visa Electron is a Visa debit card as well. In contrast to Visa Debit, a bank account is not charged when payments are made with Visa Electron; payments are instead deducted from a Visa Electron prepaid account, which is set up separately.



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Where can I get Visa debit cards?

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Visa debit cards are not issued by Visa itself; rather they are distributed through so-called issuer banks (banks that have received an issuer license from Visa) in particular countries. Customers can apply for a Visa debit card at their bank; at many banks customers receive a debit card free of charge after opening an account. The better part of all existing Austrian, German and Swiss banks and savings and loans institutions have already completely changed over to issuing V PAY debit cards. During online transactions, all required card details must be entered into the Visa Debit payment window of the vendor and confirmed with a PIN code. For deposits, the amount is automatically charged from the customer’s account within the following 2 workdays and transferred to the merchant’s account. Those who put their money on the right football (soccer) team at Unibet, can have their winnings paid out over Visa Debit. All transfers of funds made with a Visa debit card are free of charge. For withdrawals at cash machines abroad involving a currency exchange, conversion fees may be incurred, which are set by the card issuing bank.

Are there also spending limits with Visa Debit?

With Visa Debit, customers can fully exhaust the extent of credit on their account, whereas individual banks usually set varying daily limits for cash withdrawals at cash machines. The limit set on transfers depends on the extent of credit on the account, which is agreed upon by the customer and bank.

Where are purchases with Visa debit cards accepted?

It's simple: Everywhere you see the Visa Debit logo (blue lettering with a small yellow flag on the “V,” white background) or the V PAY logo. Attention: Despite the changeover from Visa Delta to Visa Debit, many accepted locations have not yet replaced the old company logo (a diagonally separated field with white letters on the blue half and a yellow and red triangle on the white half) with the newly designed logo. In these cases Visa Debit can, of course, still be used to pay. Country-specific versions of the website are available for most countries. The following languages are found among them: Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Security and information about the company

Entering the individual PIN code during a payment reduces the chance of card misuse and makes Visa debit cards a very secure means of payment. Additionally, for quite some time only cards with 3 digit CVV numbers (card verification value) on the back side have been issued, which is requested by most serious online vendors to avoid card misuse. It is strictly recommended that credit card details only be sent over SSL-encrypted connections.

Visa debit cards (including V PAY) are supervised by Visa Europe Service Inc., which was founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of Visa inc. and has since then come to be an entirely independent enterprise with its own, unlimited license. Neither Visa Europe Services Inc. nor Visa Inc. is responsible for the distribution of cards or determining limits, rather for the coordination of payment transactions between member banks. In Austria, the Visa debit card V PAY is managed by the card complete Service Bank AG (formally: VISA-SERVICE Kreditkarten AG). In Germany, Visa Europe Services Inc. has set up a representative office for administrative concerns.


Particular questions or problems with Visa Debit (V PAY) should be directed to the card issuing bank. For urgent matters, service numbers are available.

  • Betsafe Service hotlines:
    : +44 (0)20 7795 5777
  • E-mail:
    : vp@cardcomplete.com
    , Switzerland: anfragen.europa@visa.com
    /international: enquiries.europe@visa.com
  • Service address UK:
    Visa Europe Services Inc.

    Represented by the Board of Directors
    1 Sheldon Square
    London W2 6TT, Great Britain

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