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Check it out - gamble safe

A check (cheque) is a financial document that serves as a means of cashless payment. It is not a legal, but rather a recognized form of currency. From a judicial perspective, checks are considered a certificate with which a payment instruction is made. On one side of the transaction, the issuer of the check (debtor) authorizes his or her bank (drawee) to carry out a payment, and on the other side allows the recipient to claim the payment at the bank.



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Check in to safe money flow

A check is a negotiable instrument, which means that the person that was indicated by the written command (endorsement) of the check issuer is also made the proprietor of the financial document. The entitled person can, as desired, name a subsequent entitled person, which after repeated endorsements leads to an endorsement chain. However, cashing the check is always exclusively reserved for the designated payment receiver. Checks are one of the most secure alternatives for online payouts for those who, in the case of having won online at a bookmaker, casino or poker casino, don’t wish to disclose financial details such as their credit card number. For many online gaming sites, checks are currently the only valid payout method.

Types of checks

  • Cash checks may only be paid out to the receiver in cash. In the online gaming sector cash checks are, in contrast to crossed checks, essentially never offered as a method of payment.
  • Crossed checks may not be paid out in cash. The check amount can only be collected through a bank account, to make the path of payment traceable. Crossed checks are offered by many providers as a method of payment throughout the world of online gaming.
  • Order checks are the most commonly used form of checks in the United States. They are only payable to the payee indicated or his or her endorsee. The amount payable may be collected in cash or deposited into an account, as the payee desires.

Process of a payment by check

Those who have received a cash check normally have to take it to be cashed at the exact bank named on the check. When a borrower presents a payee with a crossed check, the borrower must also issue a cashing request to his or her bank at the same time. The payee’s bank tentatively credits the amount of the check to the receiving account (to prevent fraud through unfunded checks, known as “check floating”) and then charges the check to the bank of the borrower. The bank of the borrower then collects the check and charges the amount to the borrowers account. As soon as the payment has gone through the crediting bank, it will finally be credited on the receiving account once and for all.

Cashing / submittal period

Submittal period for checks (may vary according to location and bank):

  • 8 days, if issued domestically
  • 20 days, if issued abroad in Europe
  • 70 days, if issued outside of Europe

The submittal period begins on the day after the check has been issued and ends on the last day of the period. If the period has already expired, the check can only be cashed with the approval of the relevant bank, which may be refused. As soon as the check is submitted to the crediting bank, it will be presented at the crediting institute for payment. Also, if the check was predated, it can also be presented before the date of issuance!

BwinHow long does a payment process made by means of a check take?

As a rule, online gaming providers do not allow cash checks for deposits or withdrawals. Unlike cash checks, which are cashable directly upon receipt, the transfer of funds for crossed checks takes variable amounts of time. According to where the check was issued and which banks are involved in the payment process, it can take between a few days and a few weeks before the check is made available. At Betfair Poker for example, payments made by check take between 7 and 10 workdays, whereas at William Hill, a payment shows up on the players account after an average of 15 days. Sign up with William Hill to receive special welcome bonus you should not miss out on. 

What additional charges are to be expected with checks?

Most banks charge a fixed amount plus a percentage rate for cashing a crossed check. American banks often offer this service free of charge for their customers. There can be a big price difference between individual banks; comparing prices is always worth it! Cashing checks in US dollars in Europe cost on average, according to the bank, between € 8 and € 34 per check. 

How much can a check be worth?

All online bookmakers and poker casinos set their pay-in and payout limits individually. A check will only be regarded as such when all legal characteristics of a check are present. The following must be found on the check:

  • the word “check”
  • the amount to be paid either in words or numbers
  • the name of the bank, that is directed to carry out the payment to the check receiver
  • the place of payment
  • a payment instruction
  • the signature of the issuer
  • the date and location of issuance

All information, with the exception of the date of issue, must also be correct to cash the check. A pre- or post dated check is just as valid as a current check. 

Where are checks accepted as a method of payment?

In North America, checks are still one of the most used payment methods, whereas they are continually fading from use in Western Europe. In some countries, such as Finland or Sweden, for instance, checks are no longer used at all anymore. For the most part, online gaming providers such as, for example, casinos or poker rooms, still offer the possibility to make payments per check. Problems or inquiries involving making payments via checks should be directed to the check issuer or the bank responsible for the check.


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