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Badminton ABC

In badminton two or four (doubles) players try to direct the ball over the net into the opponents’ half of the court in a way that makes it hard to return. Every fault of one player means a point for the other one. After having scored 21 points (rally point system), a game is won. The match is over, after the first player has won two games. In comparison to tennis it is not allowed to let the shuttlecock bounce on the ground once before striking it back. Bet on the outcome of badminton matches at Bwin. Free bets!

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Badminton Court

The rectangular court is usually indoors because of the great influence the slightest wind has on the shuttlecock. The ceiling should be at least nine meters (29.5 feet) high for a match without distraction. The court itself has a length of 13.4 meters (~50 feet) and is 6.1 meters (~20 feet) wide. The single court is more narrow than the double court, it is only 5.18 meters (~17 feet) wide. The net divides the court into two halves. The net has to be fixed on poles at the height of exactly 1.55 meters (5.08 feet) and in the middle the top edge should be 1.52 meters (4.98 feet) above the ground. The net is 0.76 meters (2.49 feet) wide. The court is marked with four centimeter wide boundary lines, which are part of the court.

Shuttlecock, racket

BetsafeThe coloured ring around the base indicates the speed of the shuttlecock: green is slow, blue means average speed and red stands for high speed (especially developed for outdoors). Beginners usually tend to buy cheaper (plastic) strings for their racket, advanced players and professionals prefer thicker strings or natural strings. The advantages are longer life and more accuracy. String tension ranges between 18 to 36 pounds (80 to 130 newton). Because of the shape of the racket the strings have different string tension length- and widthwise.

Rally Point System

Since May 2006 the new rally point system is official. The game has been lengthened to 21 points and the length and placing of the intervals has changed too. The party winning the rally is in right of serve. The major change now is that nobody needs to be in right to serve anymore to score points. The opponent scores a point after every fault. As soon as a player reaches eleven points, there is a one-minute interval. A new two-minute interval is between the games. The players have to arrive on the court 20 seconds before the game continues, to prevent extension of time limit. Reaching eleven points in a possible third game means the players change ends, which is also a new rule. Before the Rally Point System was introduced officially, only the party in right of serve could score points. The match was won after reaching 15 points in two games. In a possible third game the ends were changed once more, after the first party had scored eight points (ladies after six points). 14-all meant that when players were tied at 14:14, the first one to reach the 14 points was either allowed to “set” and continue to play up to 17 points, or let the next point settle the game.

Badminton World Federation (BWF)

In 1934 the International Badminton Federation was founded as international governing body for badminton players. The founding nations were England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Canada, New Zealand and France. In 2006 the Name was changed into Badminton World Federation (BWF). The organization has more than 14 million members in 156 nations.


  • Lin Dan

    Olympic games: Since the Olympic games in Barcelona in 1992, badminton has finally become an Olympic sport. Criterion of participation is the performance in other international competitions.
  • World Championships: In 1977 the first official Badminton-World-Championships were carried out. Before that the All England Championships were seen as the unofficial World Championships.
  • Sudirman Cup: This was invented in 1989 and stands for the World Championships for national mixed doubles. Usually it is carried out together with the World Championships.
  • Thomas Cup / Uber Cup: The Thomas Cup more or less represents the World Championships for male national teams. It first took place in 1949 and is organized by the BWF. The Uber Cup, which is the female equivalent to the Thomas Cup is held once every two years and was founded in 1957. Both Championships are carried out at the same time.

Top Players

  • Peter Gade (*1976, Denmark)
  • Morten Frost Hansen (*1958, Denmark)
  • Rudy Hartono (1968-1974, Indonesia)
  • Liem Swie King (*1956, Indonesia)
  • Misbun Sidek (1960, Malaysia)

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