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Rugby - all you need to know about the sport and online sports betting






Rugby was born in a city of the same name, when a player in a football match grabbed the ball with his hands and ran to place it into the opponents’ goal in order to avoid the upcoming defeat. The story is based on debatable facts. Due to disputes about changes to the rules in the English football association - the former governing body of all football associations - some unions founded the Rugby Football Union. This union later split again because of internal disputes, with one portion forming the Northern Rugby Union, which today is called the Rugby League. Those who would like to place a bet on Rugby should compare the odds offered by various online bookmakers before doing so. We’ve put together a list of the best online bookmakers and betting exchanges and recommend Bwin, where you can now receive an additional 100% of your first deposit just for signing up over BonusBonusBonus.

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Rugby - game variations

Rugby Union is the most widely spread variant of rugby worldwide. It is played by 15 players (eight forwards, one scrum-half, one fly-half, four players of the second row forwards and a full back) on a field 100 meters long and 70 meters wide. During the two halves, each 40 minutes long, the players first try to obtain possession of the ball and then attempt to ground it within the opposing in-goal area to score as many points as possible. Rugby Sevens is a variation of Rugby Union, though it involves only seven players per team. The basic game play and rules are the same as in Union Rugby. However, there is one important difference: the playing time is a greatly reduced. As a result, entire Rugby Sevens tournaments can be held on one day or over the course of a weekend. On account of the small number of players it is also easier for the attacking team to score.

The only things Rugby Union and Touch Rugby have in common is that they use the same ball, the ball has to be put behind the opposing goal line and that it is only allowed to pass backwards. The field size was reduced to 70 meters by 50 meters and consequently only six players of each team are on the field. The playing time was also reduced by half in comparison to Rugby Union games. Tag Rugby developed Touch Rugby, which itself is has very little contact. In this no-contact game, two teams with seven players each compete against each other. Every player wears a belt or pants, which have two Velcro ribbons attached to them. Defending players have to try to remove one of these ribbons and thus force the ball-possessing player to pass. A team of the Rugby League is composed of 13 players. All other rules are very similar to those of other rugby variants.

In Beach Rugby there are no fixed rules; as such it has not been agreed upon whether it is a variation on Rugby Union or Rugby League. However, some things are the same in all competitions of Beach Rugby: the field is smaller (between 30 and 50 meters long and from 20 to 35 meters wide), the number of players is reduced to seven and the point system is simplified. Wheelchair Rugby (a mixture of rugby, volleyball and chess) has developed from Wheelchair Basketball. Nearly thirty years ago Canadians came up with the idea of a no-contact sport that allows all maneuvers with a special rugby wheelchair. Strictly speaking, Underwater Rugby has nothing more in common with traditional rugby other than the name. It is rather like an underwater version of handball. This sport becomes especially interesting due to the fact that the three-dimensional aspect involved.

Rugby players

  • Jonny Wilkinson
  • Zinzan Brooke
  • John Eales
  • Martin Johnson
  • Philippe Sella
  • Sean Fitzpatrick
  • Colin Meads

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