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The origin of tennis date back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Modern tennis evolved from a game popular in England and France starting around the 14th century known as “Jeu de Paume” (game of the palms). If you want to get a wild card for online gambling we strongly recommend you to read our reviews of online bookmakers, enjoy our bonus offers on William Hill and win your personal Grand Slam in placing bets.

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A tennis court is 23.77m (78 ft) long, divided in the middle by a net into two playing sides. The net measures 0.914 meters (3 ft) in height at the centre and 1.07 meters (3.5 ft) at both ends. Its width is 8.23 meters (27 ft) for singles matches and 10.97 meters (36 ft) for doubles matches. Both ends of the court parallel to the net are called the baselines. The interior lines, which have a 90 degree angle to the net, are called single sidelines. These are located next to the double sidelines, which are only significant in doubles matches when the entire court is used. The lines that run across the centre of both players’ sides of the court are the service lines. Ready for the big game? Bet365, for example, offers fantastic odds for tennis fans. If you are not yet familiar with the different betting options (like for example Asian Handicap, Over/Under, Set Bets), you’ll find a list of betting types on BonusBonusBonus. We give you the wild card for some of the worlds best bookmakers

The Game and Point System

The goal in tennis is to win two sets, which consist of multiple games, which in turn are made up of a number of points. If both players manage to win a set, a third, deciding set must be played. Sometimes in so-called best of five matches, three sets must be won to end the match. A set consists of a sequence of games played and games consist of a sequence of points played with the same player serving the ball. After each game, the receiver becomes the server and vice versa. The player must place his or her serve in the diagonally opposite service box to start a rally. If the first serve is void, the player gets to play a second serve to move the ball into play. In the case of a double fault the receiver gets the point. To win a set, a player needs to win six games and at least two more games than his or her opponent.


When both players remain at the baseline in an attempt to win the point, this is referred to as baseline play. From this position, players try to place the ball in their opponents’ side of the court in such a way that the opponent is unable to reach it. If a player heads to the net right after serving, they perform a so-called serve and volley. This play is mostly used on grass or indoor hard courts, considered to be very fast surfaces. Today, players tend to rely more on their powerful ground strokes than on their serve and volley. One of the last remaining natural serve and volley players is Tim Henman from England. The Chip and Charge strategy means that the receiving player answers the serve with a sliced forehand or backhand (chip) followed by moving towards the net (charge). 

The Variaty of Strokes

It is allowed to hit the ball either directly out of the air or after it has bounced once on the court.

  • The serve is the shot that starts every point. It is initiated by throwing the ball into the air and smashing it into the diagonally opposite service box.
  • If a serve was shot so well that the receiving player was unable to return it, it is referred to as an ace.
  • A forehand is a shot beginning on the right side of the body, continuing across the body as contact is made with the ball, and ending on the left side of the body. Forehands are usually played one handed with few exceptions.
  • A backhand is a shot beginning on the left side of the body, continuing across the body as contact is made with the ball, and ending on the right side of the body. The backhand is executed with either one or both hands.
  • The return is the stroke that counters the serve.
  • A smash is a stroke by which the ball is hit in an overhand motion, similar to a serve.
  • A lob is a shot which places the ball very high in the air, usually used to try to hit the ball over the head of an opponent who is near the front of the court.
  • The drop shot is a technique mostly used on clay courts, which gives the ball just enough speed and back spin so that it lands directly behind the net.
  • A volley is made in the air before the ball bounces, generally near the net.
  • By hitting the ball at a certain angle to the tennis racket, players are able to cause the ball to spin forward (top spin) or backwards (slice).
  • Shots that are played diagonally into the opponent’s court are known as cross shots.
  • Long Line shots are those that are played directly into the opposite corner of the court, along the line.

Tournaments and World Ranking

The International Tennis Federation acts as an umbrella association above the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association). In addition to that, the ITF sets and changes the rules for tennis and, most importantly, stages the four Grand Slam Tournaments in Melbourne, Paris, Wimbledon and Flushing Meadow as well as the team events Davis Cup (Mens) and Federations Cup (Womens).

The Grand Slams - also called Majors - are the most prestigious events in tennis and rank higher than any other tour event. The ATP was founded in 1972, mostly for strategic marketing purposes. Currently, they organize the ATP Tour, which combines all professional tournaments except the Majors. With the introduction of the ATP, the ATP Ranking also came into being. The Entry List takes into account the last 52 weeks of a player’s career, adding his or her awarded points and ranks them accordingly.

Rocket racquets

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Victoria Azarenka
Maria Sharapova
Agnieszka Radwanska
Billie Jean King
Chris Evert
Martina Navratilova
Steffi Graf
Monica Seles
Martina Hingis
Venus Williams
Serena Williams
Justine Henin
Novak Djokovic
Roger Federer
Rafael Nadal
Andy Murray
Björn Borg
John McEnroe
Boris Becker
Stefan Edberg
Ivan Lendl
Mats Wilander
Andre Agassi
Pete Sampras


Betting on Tennis

Tennis is an extremely popular spectator sport and also forms an important part of the betting industry. Nowadays, more and more bets are placed via the internet and the number of online betting providers is increasing continuously. As a customer, it is important to choose your bookmaker very carefully and compare the various providers. BonusBonusBonus helps you to make the best choice – we have tested the best online bookies and provide detailed bookmaker reviews that contain the most important facts (bonus offers, deposit and withdrawal options, languages of the customer support etc).


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