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Darts - to throw or not to throw

What darts is primarily about, is skilled handling of the darts and precision because in this sport small darts are thrown at a circular target which is especially designed for this sport and hung up on a wall. In order to score as many points as possible, it is necessary that dart players hit the board exactly where they planned. Recordings from the 19th let assume that the origin of this sport lies in England, the name is of French origin though. It results from the fact that the French army used to throw small daggers - so-called dartes - at their enemies.

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Equipment in Darts

  • DartboardBetsafe

The dartboard is divided into 20 V-formed sections which are all of different value between 1 and 20 point(s). In the middle of the disc there is the Bullseye (the Double Bull) which is worth 50 points. The Bullseye is surrounded by another ring called Bull (Single Bull) which counts 25 points when hit. Between the middle and the outer edge another narrow ring is marked. It is called Triple or Treble and scores triple the value of the field it is in. At the outer edge the so-called Double-ring is marked. If this area is hit, the value of the field doubles.

  • Darts

Darts consits of a barrel, a shaft and flights. The latter are narrow little sheets which keep the dart on course. According to the dart board used, there are different kinds of darts

  •  Steeldarts

Steeldarts are up to 30.5 cm long and have a tip made of metal. The shaft is made of a nickel-tungsten-alloy.

  •  Softdarts

With E-Darts (electronic dart) the tip of the darts is made of plastic which makes it weigh only up to 18 g.


  • 301/501
  • Tactics / Cricket / Mickey Mouse
  • Fox hunting
  • Shanghai
  • Blind killer
  • Killer

In addition to the variations mentioned above E-Dart still offers this: Elimination/Ludo, High Score, Around the Clock, Splitscore, 701/1001.

Throwing Techniques

UnibetFor dart there is no generally valid technique. Everybody has to find out for himself how to obtain the best results. As time went by, useful tips were developed though. The best is to position oneself comfortably, the leg on the side of the throw arm should be easily bent and more weight should be put on this leg. The upper arm of the throw arm should be held in an angle of 90 degrees to the torso. There is no fixed hand position. Any positions that allows an optimum collaboration of hand, fingers and wrist are allowed. As for how the fingers should be held, there are no regulations either, it has proved useful though to hold the dart at its center of gravity.

Professional Darts-players

  • Phil Taylor
  • Raymond van Barneveld
  • Eric Bristow
  • Bob Anderson
  • Dennis Priestley
  • Jelle Klaasen

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