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Baseball ABC and Home Run Offers for Sports Betting Fans





Origins of Baseball

Baseball originated from various ball games popular in the 18th century and has since become one of the national sports of the United States along with American football and basketball. The last 20 years have seen an increase in popularity of baseball around the world, especially in Japan where it has also become one of the most popular national sports. Following the Second World War, baseball lost many of its spectators, some of which turned to other upcoming sports while others simply lost interest due to various scandals. Despite that, baseball has never lost its true fan base and is still a very important part of American culture. If you would like to place a bet on a baseball game but aren’t sure where to do so, then simply take a look at our extensive list of online bookmakers. We have tested them all out for you and negotiated attractive bonus offers as well. The best baseball odds and the highest bonus currently available can be found at Betfair – register now and receive a special welcome bonus.

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Baseball Basics 

UnibetTypically, a baseball game is divided into nine innings, each of which is composed of two half innings During every inning, the two teams, each consisting of nine players, alternate between playing offense and defense. The players on the offense attempt to gain points by passing as many bases as possible after hitting the ball and eventually coming back to “home plate.” The defensive players, on the other hand, try to prevent the opposing team from scoring points by passing the ball as quickly as possible to the catcher or basemen before the hitters reach the next base. The field is made up of a foul territory and a fair territory. The latter is composed of an infield and an outfield. The bases are placed on each corner of the infield, where most of the action takes place.


Each of the nine players is assigned a different position and is responsible for a corresponding task.

  • The pitcher initiates each play by throwing the ball to the catcher in such a way so as to make it as difficult as possible for the batter to hit the ball.
  • The catcher does not only catch the ball but also gives directions to the pitcher on how to play the ball and keeps an eye on the game situation.
  • The role of the three basemen is to catch the ball after it is hit by the batter and to pass it to the other field players. Additionally, they must try to get runners out and to prevent them from stealing bases.
  • The shortstop technically has the same responsibilities as the basemen, but because he is positioned so far from first base, he must have an exceptionally strong throwing arm.
  • The left, center, and right fielders must try to catch the balls that come into the outfield.


In normal baseball games, there are only two referees or umpires, as they are known in baseball. During championships there are up to six umpires. The position of the chief umpire is behind home base, the other officials are positioned directly on the field. Judge for yourself and bet online with BonusBonusBonus. We offer exklusive welcome bonuses at well known bookmakers like William Hill, bet365 or Betsafe.

Equipment and Strategy

A complete set of gear primarily consists of a ball and a bat, but also includes helmets and gloves.

  • The ball used in baseball is a somewhat bigger than a tennis ball and is composed of a cork core, tightly wrapped in thread and covered in white leather. This combination makes the ball a dangerous projectile.
  • Typically, a bat made of wood is used, sometimes partly coated with aluminum. In rare case, bats made of carbon are custom-made.
  • Generally, each player wears a leather glove. The field players wear a large leather glove, whereas the batter just wears a thin one.
  • To protect the players from accidentally being hit in the head, each player is required to wear a helmet when batting. The helmet is made of a synthetic material, and on one side has extra protection to shield the ear.

Baseball is mainly a game of strategy and not one of tactics or intuition, due to the lack of variable situations. The substitution of the pitcher or batter is a strategy that is often used during close games. The intentional walk is a strategy that is employed just as frequently, whereby the pitcher intentionally misses the strike zone, and after doing so four times, the batter can move forward to first base. By this method, several runs can be averted. A bunt (by which the ball is only blocked but not hit) is often used as a surprising move so that the field players have a longer distance to get to the ball giving the runners more time to move forward to the next base. The New York Yankees or New York Mets? Chicago White Sox or Chicago Cubs? Which team do you like more and why? Place bets to learn more.


Notable Players

  • Eddie Murray. He triumphed in his first year in the professional leagues and stunned everyone by making 27 home runs. For this achievement, he received the Rookie of the Year award as he ended up being the best player in the league during his first year playing professionally.
  • Early Wynn. As a right-handed player, he started his career at the age of seventeen. Due to his outstanding performances as a pitcher he received the Cy Young Award. His excellent batting abilities were recognized as well when he scored a grand slam home run as a substitute batter.
  • George Herman Ruth. Definitely one of the most important players in the history of baseball. “Babe” Ruth was an American baseball player with German origins. His record of 714 home runs was undisputed for 39 years. For this reason, he was one of the first to be admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • Alex Rodriguez is one of the most successful baseball players of recent times. His ten year contract signed with the Seattle Mariners worth millions of dollars is legendary – he is rumored to receive $ 150,000 per game. He now plays with the New York Yankees.

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