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BET NOWSince the days when ski-jumping appeared for the first time in Norway there have been numerous changes. In the early days the athletes were rowing with their arms during the jump and the skis were parallel. As a further reformation the ski jumpers were stretching out of their arms to the front, or - as still done today - kept them close to the body. The latest alteration of technique was done in the 90s. The parallel-style was replaced by the V-style where the skis are splayed out in the shape of V. Throughout the decades the ski-jumping places are mainly situated in the Nordic and Alpine Countries. However Switzerland, France, Italy, Poland and Slovakia have to be named as smaller ski-jumping nations. Our international betting information portal offers best deposit bonuses for players who register at William Hill, bet365, bwin, Stan James etc. Play with big players and win big money.


The process of ski jumping is that athletes go down a ski jump with skis held parallel, then take off from a ramp and show a landing as faultless as possible after a preferably long leap. Besides the width and the landing also the bearing is crucial for evaluation. In ski-flying the procedure is the same, only the ski jump is longer. Apart from ski jumping as a single-discipline there are also team contests where teams – consisting of four athletes each – from different nations compete against each other. Furthermore ski jumping is a part of the Nordic combine together with cross-country skiing.

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For receiving the overall result the point judges evaluate width and landing, in which flight, landing and carting out are integrated. Most cruscial for the landing is that a telemark - where both knees are bent - is set. The Kacherllandung is mostly used for safety reasons although points are deducted.


Also for ski jumping - as for all other sports - exist important contests. The major ones are the World Cup, the World Championship, the Four Hills Tournament and the Olympic Winter Games of course. In the World Cup only the best athletes take on. It compromises 30 events which are allocated in nine countries on three continents. Later the Summer-Grand-Prix was additionally introduced, the athletes jump on redoubts lain out with mats. This contest is shorter than the one in the winter season but it also crowns its World Cup Champion. Some years after this reform, the Nordic Tournament was also adopted for the World Cup. It is the Scandinavian equivalent of the Four Hill Tournament.

The World Championships in Ski Jumping take place every two years in the course of the Nordic Skiing Championships with titles awarded for the winners on the small and the large hills as well as the Team Jumps. The Four Hills Tournament with events in Oberstdorf, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Innsbruck and Bischofshofen has been carried out annually for a few decades now and is a most prestigeous event within the World Cup as the top Ski Jumpers try to win on all 4 hills. Something that - until today - was only accomplished by German Sven Hannawald in 2002. In the Olympic Games the program is quite similar to the one in the World Championships.

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