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Football - information about the sport and bookies with striking bonuses

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Hand at heart with one foot on the ball

Football is a ball game. The word football refers to the game as well as the ball. The European English-speaking community mostly uses this term, though in the USA, Canada and Australia they say soccer. Football has become one of the most popular sports worldwide because it can be played nearly everywhere without any special equipment. Millions of people watch football games in stadiums or on television. The number of female football fans and players is also increasing steadily. Football also has great economic importance.

Most games are financed privately or supported by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA). Millions of Euros are also earned through ticket sales and advertisements shown on TV during football games. The game plays an important role in the online betting industry. More and more people make use of the internet to place bets and the number of sports betting providers is increasing rapidly. With so many companies, it's not always easy to choose the bookie that best meets your expectations – BonusBonusBonus offers best welcome bonuses for players who register with our bonus codes at William Hill, bet365, Sportingbet, Stan James etc. We also offer reviews containing important facts so you’ll quickly find the most convenient provider.

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Kick off, offside, penalty, free kick - rules

BET NOW In a football game, there are always two teams with eleven players each, ten outfield players and a goalkeeper, whose duty it is to prevent the other team from scoring a goal. He is the only player allowed to touch the ball with his hands. The outfield players kick the ball with their feet, but are – apart from the hands – also allowed to use other parts of their body, for example their heads. All players wear jerseys, stockings, shin guards, football shoes and shorts. The goalkeeper also wears special gloves. Each team attempts to score goals, which occur when the ball crosses over one of the goal lines. Usually, a game lasts 90 minutes and is broken into two halves with a 15 minute break between them.

During the game, the referee sees to it that all rules are respected. If a rule is broken, he or she cautions the respective player by showing him either the “yellow card” or the “red card.” A red card means an important rule has been broken and the offending player has to leave the field. This is the case if a player, for example, deliberately fouls another player.

The most complicated rules of football are without a doubt the offside rules. Certain positions of the strikers in relation to the defenders of the opposing team are not allowed. The referee and the linesmen decide whether a player is offside.  Good tactics are necessary to win a game. It is important for a team to play well together and that each player is given a suitable position.

Events to remember

The FIFA World Cup is certainly the most important of all football events. It takes place in one or multiple host countries and one national team is determined as the champion. The qualification rounds last two years, followed by a preliminary round and the final round. Other important cups are the Copa América (South America), African Cup, Asian Cup, European Cup, CONCACAF Gold Cup (North and Central America) and OFC Nations Cup (Oceania). Take a look at our football live scores to stay informed about current and past matches. At a glance, you will find all major matches worldwide listed alongside the corresponding odds offered by various betting providers. Under Sports Results, you will also find extensive statistics about different clubs and leagues.

WE MAKE THE GAMBLING WORLD A BETTER PLACEMost expensive or best players

  • Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona
  • Neymar, FC Barcelona
  • Toni Kross, Real Madrid
  • Andrés Iniesta, FC Barcelona
  • Martial, Manchester United
  • Kevin de Bruyne, Manchester City
  • Diego Costa, Atletico Madrid
  • Thomas Müller, FC Bayern München
  • Coutinho, Liverpool FC
  • Marco Reus, Borussia Dortmund
  • Hulk, Zenit

Have we sparked your interest in making football bets? In case you're not familiar with the various betting options available, just visit our section on betting types/betting options where the most important betting types are explained. Get in touch with football fans from around the world. In our BBB Forum, you have the opportunity to discuss everything relating to the sport of football, from important moments of a match to controversial referee calls.


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