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Snowboard - sports betting cold as ice




In touch with the snow on the board

Snowboarding is a winter sport performed on slopes, jumps and in Halfpipes. The snowboarder stands sideways on a board with his feet strapped to it and descends a snow-covered slope, making bends and performing jumps. In the 70s snowboarding was part of a whole subculture, and even today music (concerts in combination with competitions) and film play an important role in the sport. The sport is divided into Alpine (on designated slopes with the emphasis on speed) and Freestyle (often off-track).

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Snowboard disciplines and tricks


The USA are the birthplace of snowboarding. In the 1960s and 70s Surfers and skateboarders experimented with different materials in order to create a surfboard for snow. Tom Sims, Sherman Poppen, Dimitrije Milovich and Jake Burton are pioneer snowboarders and manufacturers. We’ve put together a list of the bookmakers and betting exchanges and strongly recommend William Hill, where you can now receive an additional 100% of your first deposit just for signing up over BonusBonusBonus. Snowboarding can be divided into different disciplines, depending on the technique and style:

  • Alpine Disciplines: Slalom and Parallel Slalom, Giant Slalom and Parallel Giant Slalom, Super.
  • Freestyle Disciplines: Half Pipe, Snowbnoard Cross, Extreme Freeriding.
  • Tricks: when performing jumps, creativity is most important, apart from that the rider needs to be ready to take some risks and he needs to have excellent mastery of his board. Some important basic tricks: Straight Air, 180’, Frontside 180, 360 and 540, Cap 540, Backside 540.

For non-snowboarders it sure is difficult to understand, what the names of the tricks mean so as a principal explanation it can be said that the numbers coming with the names stand for the degrees the rider spins during the trick. The difference between a frontside and a backside spin is whether the spin goes in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Snowboard manufacturers and equipment

A snowboard basically is a flat board which is bent up at the front and maybe also at the back. Generally the board is a little narrower in the middle, but depending on the board type, the surface area and length of the board vary. Some important current snowboard manufacturers are: Burton, Division 23, Elan, Lamar Snowboards, Sims Snowboards, Fanatic. Of course snowboarders need to protect themselves from the snow and cold, but apart from that also from possible injuries. In order to avoid injuries when falling snowboarders use protective gear in form of:

  • Snowboard jacket and snowboard trousers (usually with elbow protection and an extra high-cut back)
  • cap or helmet
  • snow goggles and gloves (with wrist protection)
  • snowboard boots (Hard Boots or Soft Boots)

According to the position the boarder prefers, he can adopt either of the two following stances on his board: regular (left foot in front), goofy (right foot in front). Constituent parts of a snowboard: core (synthetics, wood, aluminium or Carbon- Kevlar- compound) and base (Polyethylene), needs to be waxed to enhance gliding capacities of the board.

Board types

Depending on the conditions in which the board is used and on the slope a rider prefers, there are different snowboards. 


  • Race-Board (speed)
  • Carving-Board (speed and carving)
  • Freeride-Board (tricks and off-track)
  • Freestyle-Board
  • Allround-Board
  • Alpine- Board (collective term)
  • Jib- Board
  • Snow-Skate
  • Tandem-Board

There are three different kinds of snowboard bindings, they are used with two different kinds of botts - the soft boots which provide more comfort and higher flexibility and the hard boots which allow the rider to put maximum pressure on the edges in order to enhance speed and carving capacities. The binding types are: strap-on bindings (used with soft boots), plate bindings (used with hard boots), step-in bindings (used with soft- and hard boots).

Snowboard stars

Pioneer snowboarders, which originally were surfers and skateboarders, are Tom Sims, Sherman Poppen (creator of the snurfer) Jake Burton, Dimitrije Milovich, Chuck Barfoot. Other important names are Terje Håkonsen, Craig Kelly, Ross Rebagliati.


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