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The art of wrestling

Wrestling is a show sport which is especially widespread in Japan, the US, and Mexico. In its origins, it is an act of physical engagement between two competitors competing for physical advantage, but constitutes a special form since it combines sport with show elements and a story line. 

Staged battles are fought out by two competitors, whereas the winner is usually predefined before the battle and the wrestlers are briefed on how to act in the ring. The show is previously arranged with the wrestlers and a TV-crew, but leaves space open for improvisations. Wrestling is primarily about entertaining the audience with a show than a sportive event. Sometimes, more aged, very famous wrestlers get the possibility to take over creative control of their character and decide on title wins. In its origins in the 19th century, wrestling was mostly practiced at fairs and has become professionally organized in the 1920s.

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Modern Wrestling in the US


In the 1980s, wrestling became famous and well-known due to targeted marketing and Hulk Hogan’s popularity. In the 1990s, the leading leagues, World-Wide Wrestling Federation (WWF), which is today known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), competed against each other in the so-called Monday Night Wars, which were terminated after the acquisition of WCW by WWF in 2001.

In wrestling, battles are carried out in a ring with three ropes, similar to a boxing ring, whose surface is comprised of mats and wood. The entrance of the wrestlers is designed in a very spectacular way with fireworks and musical themes. During a battle, wrestlers try to weaken their competitors with dangerous and spectacular manoeuvre, like Highflying Moves, Power Moves or Mat-Wrestling, but also to let the opposing strikes seem as realistic and effective as possible (selling).

Therefore, professional wrestlers not only have to be well-trained, but need to possess a certain amount of acting skills. A battle can be terminated by pinfall (when a wrestler is pressed onto the mat by his competitor for three seconds), count out (when a wrestler remains outside the ring for more than 10 seconds) or disqualification. Although battles and actions in wrestling are staged, the risk of injury is very high. Since wrestlers have to be well-trained and very muscular, some wrestlers use anabolic steroids. The abuse of such substances has already led to various events of death of professional wrestlers. Two fan groups can be defined in wrestling:

  • Marks - who do not know that wrestling is staged
  • Smart Marks (Smarks) - who are aware that wrestling is a staged show and for whom wrestling has a certain entertainment value due to its feuds and storylines.

Prestige is at the top of the agenda

Wrestling is about winning titles. Therefore, it is important to be popular, possess good technical and acting skills and present oneself in a good manner in the ring as well as behind the scenes. The decision on who gets to win a title may not be comprehensible for outsiders, since the power of decision is held by the league owners or sometimes even by wrestlers themselves, when they are able to demand a title reign due to their contract.

Titles and fame

BET LADBROKESHeavyweight Championship, Tag Team Title, Cruiserweight Title, X-Division Title: Main battles are aired on TV and internet, whereas big leagues show their events on pay-per-view, which constitutes their biggest source of income. In wrestling, not only battles are marketed, but also its actors, who often star in movies and TV-shows. Women, like Sunny, Chyna or Mrs. Yamaguchi-San (Shian-Li Tsang) play an important role as Side-Kicks. They are supposed to make wrestling more interesting and presentable. If your adrenaline is already at the peek, take advantage of our exclusive bonus offers, register at Bet 365 or Pinnacle and build up the muscules of your wallet.

Hall of Fame

  • Hulk Hogan (Terrence Gene Bollea)
  • Eddie Guerrero
  • Steven James Borden (Sting)
  • Richard Morgan Fliehr (Ric Flair)
  • Tom Crazy
  • Dwayne Douglas Johnson (The Rock)
  • Bret Sergeant Hart
  • Bill Goldberg
  • Michael Shawn James Hickenbottom (Shawn Michaels)

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