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Handball - information about sport and betting tips

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Handball - online betting

A long tradition sport with similar games being traced back to the antiquity and Middle Ages. The game of handball evolved from being primarily for women to a men’s sport as well following revisions to the rules. Yet handball had difficultly establishing itself, as a number of other sports such as basketball and football already enjoyed great popularity. Other factors, including the somewhat complicated game rules and the necessity of an indoor venue, also limited handball’s mainstream appeal.

Field handball, which was the dominant variation of handball until 1972, is seen as the direct processor of modern handball. Other variations include beach handball, which has also gained popularity in recent years. In the United States, the term handball is often associated with American handball, which is a completely different sport (a form of squash). If you would like to try placing a bet on a game of handball, we recommend doing so at a trustworthy online bookmaker with good odds. We have negotiated an exclusive betting offer at the renowned bookmaker IBCbet. Stay up to date: scores and results can be found in our Live Scores section shortly following the end of each game, so you can always check your betting slip right away.

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The Game of Handball

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This strategic and fast-paced game takes place on a rectangular playing field with a length of 40 meters and a width of 20 meters. Two teams play against each other during 30 minute halves with the aim of getting the ball (made either of leather or synthetic materials) into the marked goals of the opposing team.

A handball team consists of one goalkeeper and six field players, along with a maximum of seven substitute players who can be exchanged an optional number of times. Since each team only has a one minute timeout per half and players can be exchanged an optional number of times, substitutions do not have to occur during time-outs.


Principally, each of the seven active players can play the position of a goal keeper, although he or she must clearly distinguish themselves from the other six players by their uniform. The goal keeper is also allowed to be in areas outside of the goal area and participate in the game to help out their fellow team members. In the event a substitute player is put in place of the goal keeper, they must wear a special jersey. Field players have the task of catching and dribbling the ball. When dribbling, one can move inside the entire playing field (except the goal area) but as soon as a player takes three steps without dribbling, they have to throw the ball to a teammate or attempt to score a goal within three seconds. In the age of online gambling everyone can bet on the outcome of handball matches. BonusBonusBonus has tested a wide range of bookmakers for you, so you can always find a suitable bookmaker for your bets within no time. 

Strategies, techniques, penalties

A popular strategy is known as passive play and makes the game more interesting to watch for spectators. When implementing this approach, the referee steps in after 40 seconds if it is obvious that the offensive players are not attempting to score a goal. Within the next 10 seconds the players must attempt to score a goal. Due to this ruling, there is hardly a long period of time in handball without scoring. Defending teams also use countless variations for zone or player coverage. The most popular strategy is the 6-0 variation, where all players are positioned around the throwing circle, or the 5-1 variation, where the middle defensive player advances.

Techniques in Handball

  • UnibetSmack Throws / Stem Throws / Core Throw
  • Jump Throw
  • Fall Throw
  • Hip Throw (Schlenzer)
  • "Kempa" Trick
  • Spin
  • Heave
  • Air Turn


  • Free Throw
  • 7 Meter Throw
  • The Yellow Card
  • Two Minute Penalty
  • Two + Two Minute Penalty
  • Two Minute Penalty and a Disqualification
  • Disqualification
  • Expulsion

Important Players: Bernhard Kempa and Klaus Kater

Kempa is a former German handball player, one of the best of his time. He became a part of history with the invention of the "Kempa" trick. Kater became famous as a German handball goal keeper because the goal had to be drawn especially because of him, with a minimum distance of three meters from the player trying to score a goal, as a protective measure. Before this line was instituted, he would always stand directly in front of those trying to score a goal and would often provoke misses. Who will win the next Handball Champions League? Who will qualify for the Challenge Cup? We want to hear your opinion – share it with us on our Facebook profile or bet live right now.


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