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bet365Flat and obstacle races

Flat races are based purely on speed and have no obstacles. Races are mostly held on special race tracks. A distinction is drawn between races based on the gait, or pace, allowed:

  • Galloping - the fastest kind of race.
  • Trotting.
  • Pace races, during which the horses do not set their feet on the ground diagonally, but rather parallel such as left foreleg and left hind leg.

In contrast to flat races, obstacle race horses and riders need to cover a certain racing distance while overcoming different kinds of obstacles. This is a very challenging discipline and horses and riders need to cooperate as well as possible to avoid injuries to both. In steeplechases a distance of 3,000 to 7,200 meters is covered while passing through difficult obstacles.

Cross Country is one of three phases in the sport of eventing. Horse and rider have to cover an artificial track in a certain time with natural obstacles making the task more demanding. Hurdle races are not unlike the steeplechase with the main difference being the flexibility of the obstacles. You can find out who won where and how in our Live Scores section. If you want to be a black horse of online gambling we strongly recommend you to read our reviews of online bookmakers. Enjoy our bonus offers on William Hill and win the race for fun.

Olympic and FEI Divisions

  • Show jumping originated from the steeplechase, which involved jumping over natural obstacles. The difficulty in show jumping is that the horse has to be brought to an ideal jumping position to achieve an optimal result.
  • In Eventing, both jockey and horse have to demonstrate their ability in the following four disciplines: Dressage, Racecourse, Country, Jumping.
  • Dressage refers to the development of a horse's natural athletic ability and willingness to perform, thereby maximizing its potential as a riding horse.

FEI Divisions

  • Distance. This discipline is the most horse-friendly, since the goal is to cover a long distance with a physically healthy horse at a minimum speed in one day.
  • Vaulting is not riding in the typical sense. It is often described as a combination of gymnastics and dance while horseback riding.

Harness Racing


This division involves racing a horse with a carriage or wagon as a sporting discipline.

Western Riding

Western Riding is made up of many subdivisions:

  • Reining is galloping with inserted changes of pace, spins, backwards riding and sliding stops. According to the rules, the maneuvers have to be done by heart, if possible holding the reins loosely.
  • Western Riding. This discipline is perhaps the most difficult of all. Perfectly executed changes of gallop are demanded despite the difficulties of the course.
  • Pleasure. At the command of the judge, the horse is tested in all gaits; the help of the horseman should be as subtle as possible.
  • Trail. Horses have to manage all possible situations, which can come up to rider and horse in the cleared area.
  • Horsemanship. In this competition only the performance of the rider is judged.
  • Cutting. The horseman’s task is to separate an ox from its herd and to hinder it from running back.


Unlike foxhunting, this is a purely equestrian sport. Instead of hunting game, the pack of hounds follows an artificially-created scent.


Orientation is wandering on a horse carried out as a competition and subdivides in three categories: Orientation Ride, Rideability Test, Endurance Competition.

Horse Games

  • Horseball can be described as mounted handball and basketball. The goal is to place a football-sized ball through a ring with a radius of one meter, which is raised to a height of four meters.
  • Mounted Games. Per game only four of five horsemen are deployed, who rotate with their teammates at the changing line like in a relay race. The equestrians have to attend a number of games and the worst player is suspended to raise the chance of victory.
  • Polo is very similar to hockey. The objective of the game is to score goals with a stick similar to that used in hockey while riding.
  • Polocrosse is a mix between Polo and Lacrosse.
  • In ring riding, the horsemen try to spear a small ring with a lance while passing the frame, which is called gallows, while galloping on their horse.
  • Roland riding is similar to ring riding, but instead of the ring, a humanoid figure made of wood (or just his shield) has to be hit.

Handwork/On-the-Ground Work

On-the-ground work is the umbrella term for handwork, but also lunge work, circus lection, individualized instruction and pure dominance training. Handwork is a technique of classic horsemanship, where the horse is lead by a horse leader. On-the-ground work compounds of body language, voice and whip and is also called freedom dressage. In individualized instruction only body language and voice are used. This method is above all utilized by the so-called horse whisperers. Popular Race Horses: Eclipse, Man O’War, Seabiscuit, Citation.

Popular Jockeys

  • Hugo Simon
  • Victoria Max-Theurer
  • Zara Phillips

What aspects should you pay particular attention to in betting on horse races? Where can you watch events live? Take part in the discussion on our BBB Forum.


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