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Paintball ABC - information about the sport and a list of best bookies





Hit the target

Paintball - in German speaking countries also referred to as GOTCHA - is a team sport, where the aim is to steal a flag of the opposing team. Every player is equipped with a gun (marker), which is used to shoot (mark) the opponents team members.

The marker is loaded with paintballs, which burst easily and leave a colourful mark. When playing paintball especially team spirit and tactics are demanded from the players. If you would like to bet with good odds, register over BonusBonusBonus at William Hill and get our striking free bet.

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Development and History

Paintball was invented in the 80s (first game in 1981) in the USA, but only became an official sports discipline in 1992/1993, when the NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) was founded. In 1993 the ESPN (a sports channel) covered a paintball competition on TV for the first time and from then on, the popularity of the sport grew rapidly. Since 1996 paintball World Championships are held regularly. There are a few pioneer figures, which, in the 80s, in a small group organised competitions, including the first official paintball game in 1981 (“National Survival Game”). 

  • PaddyCharles Nelson,
  • Bob Gurnsey,
  • Charles Gaine und
  • Hayes Noel

Today paintball is a widespread extreme sport in the USA, in Europe and Asia the popularity of the sport is also on the rise. Some of the competitions are even covered live on TV and on the internet.

Disciplines, terms and institutions

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Paintball can generally be divided into the categories „Fun“(Recreational paintball, no teams, only for fun) and “Tournament”. Fun- paintball is played on fields, whereas tournaments and competitions (organised teams, compete for money) are usually held on SupAir fields (fields with artificial objects to hide behind). Some specific terms that are important, when talking about Recreational paintball are: Capture the Flag, Speedball, SupAir, HyperBall, XBall and Woodland (Re- enactment, Scenario).

Paintball tournaments: since the 80s, international, national and continental tournaments and competitions, where teams compete for money, are organised. In 1996 World Championships were held for the first time. Two important institutions, that organise such competitions are the Millenium Series (Europe) and the NPPL/National Paintball League (USA). Enjoy our outstanding bonus offers: register on Sportingbet, be part of a big gambling pack.

General Rules

  • Age limit: varies from country to country, in Austria you are allowed to play paintball under parental guidance from the age of 10 on and alone if you have the approval of an adult and are over 16 (sometimes 18)
  • Players: in teams of 3, 5, 7 or 10, one team captain per team
  • Player's positions: in a game there are different positions and therefore different types of players called Frontplayer (at the front), Centreplayer (in the midfield) and Backplayer/ Coverplayer
  • Paintball field: a fenced in area of approximately 25x 45 meters, one flag station (= starting point) on each side of the field
  • Playing time: defined before the game starts, usually around 45 minutes
  • Referee: starts the game and can break the game of at any time, gives points
  • Judgement: done by the referee, for example using the NPPL point system (100 points= maximum)

Rules at tournaments and competitions

Two teams consisting of 5 or 7 people play on a field (appr. 25x 45 meters), on which blow- up objects are placed, in order to give coverage. The goal of the game is to steal the other team’s flag. If someone is hit by a paintball and the ball bursts, he is out of the game. Body of Rules: for example Official Millenium Series Rules or National Paintball League Rules.


For playing paintball, you need a special gun called marker, paintballs and safety clothes (especially safety goggles!). If the wrong or bad equipment is used, paintball can be dangerous and painful (eyes are especially at risk!).

  • Marker: pump- action markers and semi- automatic markers (e- pneumates); the paintballs are fired out of the gun using CO2, nitrogen (N2) or air pressure; international regulations allow a maximum speed of 300 feet per second (90 m/s).
  • Paintballs: gelatine balls of the calibre .68 (0,68 inch/ 17.3 mm calibre) are filled with food colouring (nontoxic, water- soluble, bio- degradable), available in all different colours.
  • Safety mask and clothing: safety goggles, safety mask for the face, protection for the throat, working clothes and at tournaments camouflage clothing.

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